How did Chad Boettcher Rochester die? Know everything about the founder and president of True North Media

Chad Boettcher Rochester from Minnesota has passed away on 6th December 2022 Tuesday. Chad was the founder and president of True North Media, a nonprofit organization, he was 47 years old at the time of his death.

Keep reading this article to know How did Chad Boettcher Rochester die? Know everything about the founder and president of True North Media

Who was Chad Boettcher Rochester?

Chad Boettcher Rochester was undoubtedly one of the most experienced visionaries in the realm of media, with more than 15 years of creating and managing successful teams to build influential media outreach strategies and social influence initiatives for leading media companies and foundations such as Univision, The Onion, Participant Media, MTV, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, California Endowment, and Open Society Foundations.

He has used his experience to curate True North Media; an entrepreneurial nonprofit media collective that brings together mission-based organizations, strategists, and tastemakers with the purpose of utilizing popular entertainment mediums to drive long-term social progress.

Chad Boettcher Rochester’s influence reaches far and wide, as evidenced by the hundreds of activations his works significantly includes movies such as SPOTLIGHT,LINCOLN, THE HELP and SNITCH to hit TV shows like PREMIOS JUVENTUD and NOTICIAS. His work didn’t go unrecognized – numerous industry awards were bestowed upon him, including Emmys® for community service. In addition, many national publications like The New York Times, The Washington Post and TIME put his achievements in the limelight. From fighting climate change to helping young people get their education to criminal justice reform, Chad Boettcher Rochester used his platform to champion causes that benefit us all.

How did Chad Boettcher die?

Chad Boettcher has sadly passed away on 6th December 2022, no reason of his death has been announced by his friends of known ones.

People paid Tribute to Chad Boettcher

Many tributes have been paid to Chad Boettcher on social media channels.

Let’s pray for peace for Chad Boettcher’s family and friends as they suffer a significant loss. We send his family and friends our sincere sympathies. May God grant him eternal life. RIP, Chad Boettcher.

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