How Did Beni Johnson died ? What was her cause of death?

On July 13, Bethel Church co-founder Beni Johnson passed away at the age of 67, following a long battle with cancer. Beni’s husband Bill paid tribute to her on Facebook, stating that she is now “healthy and free.” The post was flooded with comments from the public, even as Beni’s son Brian expressed his grief on Instagram and wrote, “My mom went home tonight. Love you mom.” Throughout her lifetime, Beni was an outspoken advocate for the power of prayer and miracles, and she leaves behind a legacy of hope and faith. She will be greatly missed by her loved ones

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How did she died and what was her cause of death ?

In 2018, Beni was diagnosed with breast cancer. Doctors discovered two lumps in her right breast, which they removed. However, they also found that she had a mutation in her BR2 gene, putting her at risk for cancer again.

In February 2022, Beni began having problems breathing, and Bethel Church asked everyone to pray for her. In May 2022, Beni’s cancer returned, and she passed away the following month. Her story highlights the importance of early detection and treatment of breast cancer. It also reminds us that even when we are faced with difficult circumstances, we are not alone; we can always turn to God for strength and comfort.

Who was beni jhonson ?

Beni Johnson is a worship leader and evangelist who is married to Bill Johnson, a senior pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, California. She is also a member of the Bethel Music collective. Johnson has been involved in various ministries at Bethel Church, including the creation of the Intercession Team and Bethel’s Prayer House.

Her passion is to see people living wholesome and free lives, open to the fullness of God. In recent years, she has spoken out against human trafficking and collaborated with various organizations to raise awareness about this issue.

She is also the author of several books, including “Soul Activation: Accessing Your True Identity.” Beni Johnson is a powerful voice in the modern worship movement, using her gifts to proclaim the goodness of God and advance His kingdom on earth.

Netizens pay tribute on Twitter

When news broke of Beni Johnson’s death, the social media world was quick to respond. Beni Johnson was known as one of the leaders of the Bethel Church, and her death came as a shock to many. As people shared their memories and thoughts on Johnson, it quickly became clear that she had touched the lives of many. Through their tributes, some people spoke about how Beni had helped them or encouraged them to follow their dreams. Others shared how her example had inspired them to live their own lives more fully.

Still others simply expressed their sorrow at the loss of such a powerful and influential woman.

No matter what their individual experiences were, it was clear that Beni Johnson had left a lasting impression on those who knew her. In death, she has continued to touch the lives of others and inspire them to reach for their dreams.