Frank Mawer dies at age of 110, Known to be the oldest man in Australia

Frank Mawer, Australia’s oldest man, passed away peacefully on Saturday afternoon at the age of 110. Mr Mawer was born on August 15, 1912, and lived an extraordinary life.

He is survived by his two sons, Philip and Barry. In recent months, Mr Mawer’s health had begun to decline after he contracted COVID-19; however, he refused to let the virus take over his life.

Courtesy: 9 News Australia

He continued to sit up for meals, do his exercises every day, and socialize with visitors. Mr Mawer lived independently in his own apartment in Sydney until November when he moved in with his son Philip at Central Tilba. Mike Baird, former NSW premier and now HammondCare chief executive, said in a statement on Tuesday that Mr Mawer will be dearly missed.