The Dubai Porta Potty Tiktok Trend Is as Racist and Disgusting as You’d Think

With apps such as TikTok, where content is posted and goes in such a short time, it’s impossible to keep track. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of trends, and thanks to the algorithm that powers TikTok’s FYP site, users could not be aware that certain items are even in the news. However, since there’s so much available on the site, some things draw interest and may not be what you imagine.

One of the most popular issues discussed on TikTok is known as”Dubai Porta Potty. “Dubai Porta Potty” trend. Although it’s a bit obnoxious in its own right, It’s likely to be more severe than you think. This is what we know about it and how it got began.

What is the Dubai porta potty TikTok trend?

According to a TikTok post from @ebrahim_ka, the trend has been making the rounds on various social media platforms lately. It’s a trend in which female influencers and Instagram models receive messages from males in Dubai who are willing to pay them thousands of dollars to defecate on their faces.

ebrahim_ka on TikTok

According to ebrahim_ka unidentified Instagram fashion model has said, “All wealthy men in Dubai send girls out for this. They’re disgusting, and they all share the same obsession.” Though this is a broad generalization, the TikToker claimed that he is from Dubai and is a wealthy man. He also clarified that he’s not interested in this, and this kind of fetish”kink” isn’t typical in the United States.

Ebrahim_ka continues to claim that he is familiar with the most affluent families of Dubai and hasn’t heard about this from anyone; however, he also believes that making these types of generalizations concerning Arab men is a form of racism. In reality, he claimed there was no evidence that the men featured in these videos on the porta-potty trend were Arab or even came from Dubai. In the videos that he watched, no names or identifiable information was shown.

How did the Dubai porta potty TikTok trend start?

Although it’s not known precisely how the TikTok trend began, it isn’t new. Kinks involving bodily fluids have been around for decades and have their community within BDSM-like communities. Although it’s unclear what caused Arab males to become accustomed to this particular trend, there’s no reason to believe that a specific kind of fetish or kink is only available to a specific race or gender-based group.

While it might appear that people are flying around for this Dubai porta potty trend, this may not be as prevalent in reality as you think. Many people may be taking advantage of how popular it’s been on TikTok. Also, people are constantly creating bizarre stories on the internet to get interested.