Dr. David Genecov from Dallas Dies in a Car Accident in Texas: What Happened?

A renowned craniofacial surgeon, Dr. David Genecov, died in a tragic car accident in Texas this past Saturday. Read on to know more about the car crash involving David Genecov and what was the cause of the accident and the death.

Genecov was a native of Dallas but he was traveling to Texas for professional purposes. Unfortunately, the much-respected doctor couldn’t return home and met his untimely demise.

Who was David Genecov?

David Genecov was a doctor and surgeon who specialized in craniofacial surgeries. He was born in Dallas and was the Medical Director of Children’s Medical Center Plano’s Craniofacial Program.

He was a expert in fixing cleft lips and palates, distraction osteogeneis, hypertelorism, and re-building ears. Genecov possessed experience in treating both kids and adults who were born with or without birth defects.

He also had a lot of training and experience in plastic surgery. Genecov ran the International Craniofacial Institute and was also involved in a number of research projects.

Dr. David Genecov Dies in a Car Accident in Texas

Dr. David Genecov died in a tragic car accident on Saturday, November 12, 2022, in Texas. He was from Dallas but was traveling here for work purposes. Unfortunately, his car was involved in a severe crash that left him dead.

The investigation about the crash is currently going on and the police will soon release more details surrounding the accident. It’s unknown where Genecov was heading to and how did his vehicle slip off the road in the crash at this time.

What was the cause of the David Genecove car accident?

The cause of David Genecov’s car accident that killed him is unknown at this time. The Texas state police departement is trying to figure out the circumstances of the crash and will find out the cause very soon.

Once we know whose fault it was, we will update this section. For now, we don’t know how did the freak accident happen and if the people involved were driving under the influence of any substance such as drug or alcholol.

Genecov was rushed to the nearby medical facility after the crash. Unfortunately, he succumbed to the injuries sustained in the crash. He couldn’t survive and died an untimely death.

Dr. David Genecov Funeral Arrangements and Obituary

The funeral arrangements for Dr. David Genecov are pending at this time alongside an official obituary. His family hasn’t shared a statement on his untimely passing yet. We are waiting for them to offer some words and reveal details.

We haven’t tried reaching them yet in order to respect their privacy as it’s a really hard time for them. This section will be updated when Dr. Genecov’s family releases more details about his last rites.

Tributes have emerged for the late doctor on social media and in the local community. He was respected by everyone. Our heart goes out to his loved ones. May God let his soul rest in peace.