How did DJ Janette Slack die? Cause of Death Explored

Janette Slack, the renowned Hong Kong-based International DJ, and producer, passed away earlier today. Read on to know how did DJ Janette Slack die, what happened to her, and what was the cause of her death.

Slack is described as a “true trailblazer” for women across the world in an industry that has been male-centered mostly. She paved way for the women, especially from Asia, to lead the electronic music industry.

Who was DJ Janette Slack?

Janette Slack was a famous DJ and music producer from Hong Kong. She was a pioneering woman for Asian and female DJs in a competitive and male-focused industry. She was the boss of the Slack Trax label and a composer.

Slack was also a music teacher to young Hongkongers interested in mixing. She started playing at London’s Torture Garden in the early 2000s. She became a regular act at the famous fetish club before returning to Hong Kong to play at some of the top clubs.

Janette was regularly seen at the top clubs, secret shows, warehouses, and junk parties. She was the first female winner of London’s Denon DJousts contest and won the Armada European Female DJ competition.

Slack collaborated with musical giants like D. Ramirez, the Preset Warriors, Javone Prince, Kickflip, Fabian, and various others.

How did DJ Janette Slack die?

DJ Janette Slack died on Tuesday, November 15, 2022, in a sudden and unexpected manner. She was 42 years old at the time of her death. The news that Janette Slack has passed away got viral and people were quick to pay respect to the deceased.

Her brother Trevor Slack announced the unfortunate news of her passing in an emotional Facebook post.

“As hard as this is for me to accept, or anyone else for that matter, I know you are at peace,” Trevor wrote in the post.

“Hong Kong has lost one of its brightest stars and right now it’s hard to imagine how the city will ever be quite the same. We are all in shock at the loss of this talented artist who inspired us all and enriched our lives, and our thoughts go out to her family in particular,” he added.

DJ Janette Slack Dead: What was her Cause of Death?

The exact circumstances surrounding the death of DJ Janette Slack are unknown at the time of writing. The statements announcing and confirming the death of Janette Slack didn’t confirm the cause of her demise.

Janette Slack passed away at the very young age of 42. She didn’t have any prior disease or condition that could have led to her demise. Our team is trying to reach out to her representatives to gather more information surrounding her death.

We’ll update this section with the specific cause of Janette Slack’s death later.

Tributes Emerge for DJ Janette Slack Who Passed Away Suddenly

The music world is paying tribute to Janette Slack who passed away suddenly this past Tuesday. DJ Adam Wright who has known her for more than 20 years led the tributes for the late producer

“Janette was a true trailblazer for women in the electronic music scene – both in Hong Kong, throughout Asia and even in London – and she had an absolute passion for dance music and the scene in general,” wrote Adam Wright.

He added: “While she was an exceptionally talented DJ and music producer, her friends will remember her best for her infectiously positive attitude, unfailing friendliness, and her joyful, warm heart.”

He concluded: “As happy as she appeared generally, she seemed happiest when sharing her love of music with her young DJ and music production students. It was inspiring how she was able to relate to these youngsters as equals and she took real pleasure in their achievements. They all really looked up to her – as we all did in some way.”

Several other renowned names and fans joined Wright to pay respect to Janette Slack. Our deepest condolences go out to her family. May God let her soul rest in peace.