Who was Cheyann Klus? What Happened To Cheyann Klus? Know Everything About Her

It is with a profound sense of sadness that we relay the news that Cheyann Klus—who had been missing since December 2017—was located and has passed away. Our hearts go out to everyone who knew and loved her, and special thanks are owed to the law enforcement officers and all those involved in both official government departments and charitable organizations who worked tirelessly to try to bring her home. Thanks also go to all the members of the public who shared their thoughts, attention, efforts and concerns in trying to help find Cheyann. May she rest in peace.

Cheyann Klus, a 22-year-old woman from Downers Grove, Illinois, went missing over the Thanksgiving weekend in 2017. She was last seen at her boyfriend’s residence in Chicago on December 2nd and hasn’t been heard from since . Let’s take a look at who she was and why her case captured national attention. Keep reading more to know about her

Who Was Cheyann Klus?

Cheyann Klus was born and raised in Downers Grove, IL with her family. She was always an ambitious person with dreams of becoming a nurse and helping others who were in need. Unfortunately, her dreams were cut short when her mother passed away after a long battle with cancer in 2016. This tragedy sent Cheyann into a spiral of depression and addiction that eventually led to her disappearance over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend of 2017.

What happened to cheyann klus ?

When Cheyann went missing, the local police department launched an all-out search for her whereabouts but had no luck for weeks. Then, on January 3rd 2018, a 911 call came in from Cheyann’s phone but the call disconnected before dispatch could answer it. Immediately there was renewed interest in finding out what happened to Cheyann and media outlets around the country began to report on her disappearance as well as post flyers about information related to finding Cheyann safely or obtaining any leads regarding her whereabouts. This intense media coverage led to more people being aware of Cheyann’s case than ever before and ultimately helped lead to locating her remains just two months later on March 8th 2018 near I-294 near Hodgkins IL where she had been left by an unknown assailant. Unfortunately, police have yet to locate whoever is responsible for taking away such a young life so tragically.

Cheyann Klus will forever be remembered as an ambitious young woman who wanted nothing more than to live out her dream of becoming a nurse and helping those in need—a dream she sadly never realized due to circumstances outside of her control. While it is heartbreaking that we will never get closure regarding who took away such a beautiful life so needlessly, let us remember the strength and courage that she showed throughout all of the adversity she faced prior to going missing nearly three years ago now. We send our thoughts & prayers out to all those affected by this tragedy during these difficult times and hope they can find peace knowing that justice will eventually be served on behalf of their beloved daughter & sister -Cheyann Klus-.