Charlie Puth is suspected of secretly collaborating with BTS

There has been a lot of talk on the internet about the possibility of the American singer Charlie Puth working with the Korean band BTS.

The celebrity collective has already been successful in working effectively with A-list celebrities such as Lizzo, Halsey, and Simon Pegg.

Charlie Puth has recently been dropping hints about a possible collaboration with BTS, and these hints have been getting more specific.

This article will tell you everything that you need to be aware of.

Is there going to be a collaboration between Charlie Puth and BTS?

Charlie Puth has recently been uploading a significant amount of behind-the-scenes footage to his Instagram account.

On May 31st, the vocalist redistributed the brief clip that was taken during the band’s visit to the White House. During their conversation with Vice President Joe Biden about anti-Asian hate crimes, all seven members of the group were present. In addition to that, they commemorated Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Heritage Month and discussed the challenge of Asian inclusion.

Almost immediately after posting the video, Puth liked a post on Instagram that had been shared by another member of the group, Jungkook. After being absent from the platform for a considerable amount of time, the popular Korean singer just recently started posting content there again.

In addition, fans have noticed that the songwriter is following Jungkook on Instagram.

Fans have speculated “that a” possible collaboration between the two mega-pop artists is perhaps in the discussion stage as a result of these bits of the indirect interplay between the two.

Charlie Puth provides additional clues.

Recently, Charlie Puth and Jungkook have both shared on their Instagram stories a black and white photograph of a busy street filled with taxis driving in all directions across a city.

Because of this, Charlie Puth and Jungkook’s fans began to speculate ‘that’ a secret collaboration between the two of them is possible in the process of being arranged.

Additionally, prior to his visit to the White House, Jungkook made a brief stop in New York City, which is believed to be Puth’s place of residence. This occurred before Jungkook went to the White House.

Users accuse Charlie Puth of utilizing BTS to chase clout

Fans of BTS were not impressed by Charlie Puth’s repeated references to the Korean band, and it is safe to say that they were not impressed.

They found evidence that Puth “used BTS for clout” in his career.

ARMYs descended upon Puth’s TikTok account in large numbers and claimed him for exploiting BTS’s popularity for his own gain.

After being subjected to spam on his Twitter account, the singer decided to put an end to the toxic conversation there.

He stated this in one of his tweets by saying, “I don’t normally pay any mind to issues like this, but something needs to be stated.” This harmful, toxic, web-based screaming match between different “fandoms” has got to stop. I am 28 years old, so it does not actually mean anything to me when somebody I do not know writes a mean message to me.’

He went on by saying things like, “I used BTS for clout,” among other things. I’m not sure what that means, but these gentlemen are very talented and I like them a lot.