Anna Shay’s Net Worth Explained

Anna Shay's Net Worth Explained

Anna Shay is the daughter of billionaires Edward Shay and Ai-San Shay. The heiress’ parents are Edward Shay and Ai-San Shay, who accumulated their wealth in the arms and defense technology trade through the company Pacific Architects and Engineers, in 1955. The company is described as an “architectural and engineering firm [that assisted] the US government effort to rebuild Asia in the wake of WWII”.

In 2006, Anna and her sibling inherited their father’s shares and sold them for USD $1.2 billion in literal cold, hard cash (that’s right, it was an all-cash deal!), putting Anna’s personal net worth around the USD $600 million mark. How does that compare against her cast mates? Well, she’s got a sold USD $400 million on the second-richest star on the show, denim empire heiress Cherie Chan.

Anna Shay's Net Worth Explained

Anna lives a life of luxury thanks to her incredible wealth. She has a private jet that she uses to fly all over the world, a fleet of cars that would make most people drool with envy, and a multimillion-dollar home in one of the most exclusive neighborhood’s in Los Angeles. She also donates generously to charity, helping those who are less fortunate than herself.

Thanks to her starring role on the hit Netflix show Bling Empire, Anna Shay’s net worth is now more public than ever. The show has been a massive success and has only added to Anna’s already sizable fortune. With her newfound fame, we wouldn’t be surprised if Anna’s net worth continues to grow in the years to come.