Innocent Bystander Alaina Henderson Shot Dead at Hollywood Park

Alaina Henderson, a 27-year-old innocent bystander, was shot and killed in the 1600 block of San Pedro Avenue near San Antonio at around 1 a.m. on Sunday, September 11. Henderson was a resident of Killeen, Texas, but she was in San Antonio with her boyfriend , Marcus McPherson, when the incident occurred.

According to Henderson’s boyfriend, Marcus McPherson, they went to Rosé Bistro in the 1600 block of San Pedro Avenue to celebrate Aliana’s job at a law firm after graduating from a law school in Houston. There are never any problems there. That’s the only reason why I took her to Rosé Bistro, McPherson said.

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Why was Alaina Henderson shot dead? 

According to Hollywood Park police, Henderson was killed after an argument broke out outside of the Rose Bistro in San Antonio between Darrick Oliver Jr. and two other men, which eventually led to a shootout. 

Oliver pulled out a handgun and shot towards the other men several times, police said. One of those bullets hit Henderson, an innocent bystander who was sitting inside the restaurant, the police authorities said.

According to Aliana’s boyfriend, “She fell into my arms and dropped. I covered her and carried her outside, and I saw blood. Then I realized that she had been shot.” First responders even performed CPR on Aliana and tried to save her, but she later died at the hospital. Along with Henderson, another man died in the shooting.

Henderson’s family reacts to her sudden death

Henderson has left behind a grieving family. Henderson ‘s family spoke about the plans she had for her future before her untimely death because of gun violence near San Antonio last weekend. Aliana’s family said she was always a dream hunter and a goal setter. For now, we will ensure that her legacy lives on. 

Speaking of the untimely death of Aliana, her mother, DenMica Eugene, said, “She was a shining light. She had her Juris Doctorate. She was a governess; kind, sweet, beautiful, and, above all, she loved the Lord. She was the perfect big sister.”

What is the case status currently?

After a two-day search, the 22-year-old accused, Darrick Oliver, was caught by the US Marshals. Oliver was hiding at a family member’s house in Waco, and he has been sent to the Bexar County Jail. 

Speaking on the arrest of the accused, Henderson’s mother said, “I want him to have time to really sit with himself, God, and really know the life he stole from us.”

“I am just glad the person responsible for this has been caught. I am so sorry this had to happen to my baby. I know she doesn’t have to deal with the crazy things in this world. The world is evil,” Aliana’s boyfriend, McPherson said on the arrest.

We send our deepest condolences to the family, friends, and loved ones of Alaina Henderson. May God grant strength to all of them to pass through this difficult time. May the almighty let the departed soul rest in eternal peace.

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