Guppedantha Manasu Serial Today Episode 556

Guppedantha Manasu 2022 September 16 Episode: ‘Guppedantha Manasu’ serial which is impressing the TV audience so much.. has entered 556 episodes on September 16, 2022. Let’s see the highlights of Guppedantha Manasu September 16 Episode.

Guppedantha Manasu today: Vasu, Rishis became closer. The story was heated with hugs and kisses. In this order, Devayani did not strike a normal blow. An irreparable blow. Now let’s see what happened on 16th September (Episode 556). Vasu takes a plate of food and offers it to Rishi. But the Rishi who is near Devayani says, ‘Eat that plate of food in front of Peddamma’ and comes aside from there. Vasu also rotates behind like a tail. He says, ‘Vasudhara, you can eat too.’ Vasu said, ‘If you eat..’, both of them would prepare food and eat together. At this time, Gautham tries to disturb them, but Rishi says, ‘Don’t go from here’ without a face. After the meal is over, all the guests leave. Mahendra and Jagati came to Rishi together and said, ‘Thank you, Rishi’. And then the original story of Devayani begins.

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Devayani starts by saying, ‘All this greatness is not mine.. All of it is Vasudhara’s.. When I didn’t know about you, I said something.. I said something.. Forgive me Vasudhara without keeping it all in my mind.’ Vasu looks confused. ‘Oh old lady.. what about you? Say sorry to him?’ says Rishi. Both Mahendra and Jagati look at each other as if they don’t understand. ‘Oh Rishi.. I reprimanded him many times without you knowing.. that’s why I said sorry, Dad.. but Vasudhara.. you know you are great?’, she starts praising Vasu again.

‘Madam, why are you praising me so much?’ says Vasu suspiciously.. ‘See? Great people never admit their greatness.. If Rishi is close to you.. it is because of your intelligence.. because of your ability? Well, I was afraid that I might be misguiding Rishi.. But I understand your greatness well.. You have done so much.. Complete the rest too’ says Devyani. Everything is bitter. Vasu says ‘what madam’. ‘That’s right, Vasudhara.. didn’t you tell Mahendra that I will call Rishi and Jagati as Amma.. didn’t you tell Mahendra that I will call Rishi as Amma and give Jagati Guru Dakshina’, when Devayani stopped.. Vasu gets confused seeing Rishi. Everyone else is in shock.

Devayani says, ‘There are many disciples in the world.. those who have given many gurudakshanas but.. no one has given a great gurudakshana like you.. if you give it you will be the first..’ ‘Vadina..’ says Mahendra interrupting. ‘Mahendra please.. please talk to me.. I am saying that I have misunderstood Vasudhara.. I am talking about his greatness.. will you let me?’ says Devyani. Vasu says, ‘Madam now that topic.. why’. Devayani stops Vasu from speaking again saying, ‘Oh Vasudhara.. It’s the same.. We are all here.. We are more than happy.. If not now, when else can I tell you about your greatness’.

Rishi doesn’t understand what.. He stays silent all the time. Unfortunately, Jagati and Mahendra remain in shock. Do you know why I have to say that? You are super.. You are really great.. How Rishi used to be. How has he changed now? Is it all your fault? Sometimes when I see Rishi’s anger, I get scared.. Such a Rishi’s anger, Rishi has been well controlled’ says Devayani. Rishi gets angry. Immediately Mahendra says to Jagati.. ‘What is going on Jagati.. stop anyway’. Mahendra captures Akkaya Vasu in Padmavyuham. What can we do now’ says Jagati sadly..

Why all this..

What is it Vasudhara.. why don’t you talk? Even the rest of Gurudakshina.. complete it.. call Rishi Jagati as mother.. do this one thing, Vasudhara, you will get merit’ says Devayani. Jagati says, ‘Sister, why all this now?’ Oh world tell me when will there be an opportunity beyond this? The desire in your heart is also the same, Jagati.. But..’ says Devayani, she wants to be. Rishi gets more angry. ‘Devayani.. what happens happens doesn’t it.. why all this now?’ says Phanindra angrily. ‘What if you sit still.. How about putting a lamp in the air and calling it God? Shouldn’t we do our best.. Now Vasudhara has done the same thing.. Isn’t it.. Sudha.. Ra..’ says Devayani.

What do you mean?

‘Vasudhara.. as you said to Mahendra, you have been good friends with Rishi till now.. pay that Gurudakshina too.. I didn’t know it was such a smart thing.. tell me how can I leave you now? What do you mean? As soon as Rishi calls you mother according to Vasudhara Gurudakshina, let’s go to Vasudhara’s village.. Let’s talk to their mother and father.. Let’s talk to them and get this Vasudharani.. this Mahalakshmi.. as our daughter-in-law.. Tell me where can you find a better daughter-in-law? Now.. it is true that Vasudhara has come to know.. isn’t the Gurdakshina agreement between Mahendra and Vasudhara true.. tell Vasudhara that this is not true Jagati’ says Devayani.

Grandmother please don’t talk anymore..

Risi looks at Vasu very angry. Listen to me, Jagati.. Rishi is your son even though I raised him.. Vasudhara will call you Rishi’s mother, whether it is Punyama or Repomamo. Tomorrow you will be one, won’t you? You have brought Vasudhara as the daughter-in-law of this house.. Let’s go Jagati.. Let’s talk to their parents.. Let’s set the time for the wedding’ says Devayani. Rishi shouts, ‘Peddamma.. please stop.’ Everyone is in shock. ‘Peddamma please don’t talk any more’ says Rishi furiously. Devayani says, ‘Nanna Rishi.. There is not a single word of lie in what I have said.. I will tell Vasudha that Gurudakshina is a lie..’ Unfortunately, Vasu gets his head down. Devayani says, ‘Listen to me Rishi.. I will marry both of you..’

Vasudhara is the obstacle

That’s enough old lady.. don’t talk any more..’ Rishi said and was going to leave from there. Immediately Vasu.. interrupts Rishi. Vasu says, ‘Sir.. Sir.. Listen to what I say.’ ‘Wrong Vasudhara’ says the Rishi. But when Vasu did not leave, he shouted, ‘Stop it, Vasudhara’. When Vasu was about to say something saying ‘Sir.. that’.. Vasu grabbed his hand and pulled him close to him and looked angrily into his eyes. Vasu bows her head and steps aside. Devyani laughs. ‘Mahendra sir.. Rishi sir, tell me what will happen if he listens to me once… he is calling me and leaving’ says Vasu with tears in his eyes.

Ok Vina..

‘Vasudhara, I will talk to you,’ says Mahendra, showing courage. ‘Yes, Mahendra, you should speak.. It would be better if you speak’ says Devayani. ‘What are you doing?’ says Mahendra sadly. Why did Mahendra say that? How did you know? Would it be better if you didn’t say it? Don’t talk about all this.. I didn’t say anything new, didn’t I? Mahendra thinks everything is for our good’ says Devyani. ‘Okay Vadina.. okay… you are an adult.. I can’t question whatever you do.. Whatever you do, sometimes good things happened to us. What if Rishi calls Jagati mother like you said..’ says Mahendra furiously. (in a state of disbelief)

How do I know?

‘Do you want that to happen, Mahendra? What I want is for everyone to be well,’ said Jagati and went to her.. ‘How did I know? do you want If you are talking, I can hear it.’ Jagati and Mahendra look at each other with shock.. Then the background music is not normal. When Devyani smiles and climbs the stairs from there, the scene does not seem ordinary. Sadly Jagati, Mahendra and Vasula’s agony brings tears. Let’s see more details in the next part! Guppedantha Manasu continues.