AJ Walker, Basketball Player from San Antonio Dies Suddenly: Cause of Death Revealed

A renowned basketball player from San Antonio, AJ Walker, reportedly died suddenly according to the reports available online. Read on to learn if AJ Walker is really dead, and if yes, then how did he die and what was the cause of his untimely death?

Walker was a notable basketball prodigy who earned the “All-Mountain West” basketball honor last year. He had a commendable record in every season he played in the NCAA.

Who is AJ Walker?

AJ Walker is a junior basketball player born in San Antonio, Texas. He is the son of Anthony and Vali Walker. He went to Park University where his father also played basketball during his college days.

Walker received four varsity basketball letters and was named to the conference three times. He held the record for the highest score in a game for the school with 50 points. AJ Walker was a member of the Kurt Brown-coached YII Success AAU Club.

In 2017, Walker was attending USAFA Prep School but continued to play basketball. Apart from ‘balling, Walker was preparing to become a senior guard with the air force. Most recently, Walker represented the Air Force Falcons in the NCAA.

Did AJ Walker die in a Car Accident?

There is a report surfacing online that AJ Walker died suddenly after being involved in a car crash overnight. However, the legitimacy of the report is unknown at this time and we can’t confirm if Walker died in a car accident.

We don’t even know if AJ Walker is really dead or if he is alive and well. Neither his family members nor his friends or representatives have come out so far to state anything about basketball player AJ Walker’s death.

Our team is trying to contact the people close to him to gather more information about his status. Make sure you keep visiting us to find the latest update on his condition.

What was the cause of AJ Walker’s death?

It’s unknown if AJ Walker is dead or not at this time. So, it’s not really possible to figure out his cause of death. However, the online report stating that AJ Walker died mentions that the injuries sustained in the car crash were his eventual cause of death.

You shouldn’t believe the reports though until they mention a credible source. The reports have failed to confirm the death of AJ Walker at this time. We are trying to find out if AJ Walker is dead and what was the cause of his death.

AJ Walker Career Stats, Record, and Net Worth

AJ Walker is known for having impressive overall career stats and setting new records every time he stepped on the field. The 6.2 feet tall basketball player recorded 27 points in his latest game while playing for the Air Force Falcons.

His career-high stats came in February last year when he managed to get five steals for the Air Falcons’ 63-69 home loss to the Fresno State Bulldogs. In November 2019, Walker earned 33 points, one rebound, and three assists in a game.

The net worth of AJ Walker is not revealed online. According to an estimate, he had a fortune of around $100k. However, the figures can’t be confirmed until the player or his manager does so.

Stay tuned to find more information about AJ Walker at a later date.