Who created the viral Nathaniel B meme? Meaning of TikTok trend explained

The phrase “Nathaniel B” has been popular on social media for several months. Many people are still unsure about its meaning. This phrase was first used in a TikTok clip that went viral in 2020. It was rediscovered last month by @oscar_dozzz. Prince Maj, the creator of the phrase, has finally clarified the context.


The video was first shared by @oscardozzz on social media on July 31, 2020. The video has been viewed over 2.7 million times and spread like wildfire all around the world. Many people are curious about the meaning and how the TikTok video captured the attention of Nathaniel B.

It has been shared many times since then and quickly became a popular trend on the internet. Many people placed Nathaniel Brady’s images next to the video due to their striking similarities.

This expression could also be used to indicate that someone is Uninteresting or uncool. The hashtag associated with this sentence has been viewed more than 247 thousand times…

Meaning of Nathaniel B?

In a TikTok video Prince posted explaining the meaning of the word, “B” is an acronym that stands for “brother,” which turns out to be Nathaniel brother, his rival in the rap battle. The word literally means “Nathaniel’s brother.”

He said that his team was having a rough day and that he was only a sophomore. The rapper’s teammates decided to have a rap battle. Prince was granted entry to the circle because he was already a well-known rapper at the school. He would be competing against another student.

According to the rapper, he was in his second year at high school when the video became viral. He was also on a day off with his team of athletes. A few of his teammates joined him in a rap battle. Prince was already a well-known rapper at the school and was invited to compete against the other popular student.

Prince knew about his rival’s siblings and family, even though he was only one year older than his opponent. He chose to go by the name Nathaniel because it was the brother of his rival. To make it rhyme, he added a B to the name, which means “brother”.

The video has been viewed by more than 630 000 people. More than 113 000 people have also given it thumbs up.

Prince clarified the meaning of the word and appealed for his audience’s support in his musical endeavors. TikToker, a teenage musician, has already made his music available on all the major streaming sites. On Friday, August 5, he will release an extended play (EP).

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