Where is C Murder’s Wife Dione Miller Now? Are they Divorced or Still Married?

Where is C Murder’s Wife Dione Miller Now: Corey Miller, more popularly known as C Murder, is currently serving a life sentence since 2009 for the murder of fan Steve Thomas, who was only 16 when the crime happened. His fans have been wondering where is C Murder’s wife Dione Miller right now, and if they are currently married or divorced.

Where is C Murder’s Wife Dione Miller Now

C Murder is a massively popular rapper and songwriter of the 90s from the United States. He first broke into the spotlight with TRU, the band he was a member of with his brother Master P’s No Limit Records label. Soon he delivered some of the most iconic hits of the decade.

He was married to Dione Miller since 1999, but then his life took an unfortunate turn with the death of Steve Thomas. He has been struggling with the legal issues since then, however, he still delivered a number of great hits after that. The most recent one came in 2016 which is a diss track against 2 Chainz.

The Internet got shocked when it was revealed that two of the witnesses in his trial testified against him forcefully by the police. This announcement trigger a bustle of talks about the case and the validity of the state’s research.

Where is C Murder’s Wife Dione Miller Right Now?

C Murder’s wife Dione Miller is now her ex-wife, and they both are not married currently. The had been divorced since 2001, and got separated even before the murder of Steve Thomas took place. Dione Miller is currently living on her own, and she isn’t related to C Murder now.

The media and the Internet often interrupted her peace due to C Murder’s case, due to which Dione Miller now lives her life away from the limelight. She has kept her whereabouts secret from the Internet. He current residence is only known to her very closed ones.

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On the other side, C Murder is serving his life sentence in the prison, and he isn’t married to anyone currently. He was single at the time of murder and he is still single at the time of this writing.

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What about C Murder’s other ex-Wife Monica?

C Murder has been in relationships two times. The most popular one is with Dione Miller which lasted in 2001. Before this, he had also been in a relationship with Monica. The two began dating in the late 90s, and Monica has revealed that the rapper Foxy Brown connected the two.

After his divorce with Dione Miller, C Murder got close to Monica once again as she tried very hard to free him up from prison. She currently works with the icon Kim Kardashian and gained her assistance to get C Murder out of the prison.

The relationship of C Murder and Monica has remained a mystery for the major part. Monica is currently married to Shannon Brown, the former NBA star. However, she is still in connection with C Murder, and trying to free him up.


I’m very serious about helping him to become free. And this isn’t a contingency about anything pertaining to me. And I was like disappointed that the narrative ended up going that direction. Because the truth is, the goal is just simply that…So this wasn’t about [a] relationship. This was about freedom,” she said in an interview with  V103 Atalanta.

Where are C Murder’s Children Right Now?

C Murder has three children, Alexis Miller, Coco, and Chanelle. They were most recently seen in December 2021 with Monica at the Raising Cane’s River Center Arena where the celeb-mom performed on the stage, and took pictures with her daughter Laiyah Brown, and C Muder’s children.

Where is C Murder’s Wife Dione Miller Now

Alexis Miller is C Murder’s daughter with Monica while the other two are said to be Dione Miller’s daughters. She currently lives with her aunt while her sisters also live under the same roof. Their residence is unknown to the Internet, much like C Murder’s ex-wife Dione Miller.

What is the Corey Miller (C Murder)’s Steve Thomas Murder Case?

Corey Miller, widely knwon as C Murder, was involved in the beating and fatal shooting of a 16-year old fan Steve Thomas on January 12, 2022. The US rapper later got convicted for his murder in September 2003. The incident took place at the Platinum Club, which has been shut down, in Harvey, Louisiana.

C Murder was then placed under house arrest, and the judge Martha Sassone allowed him to promote his net CD and his novel, Death around the Corner, while under house arrest. In 2009, C Murder was given life sentence which he is still serving till date. He is 51 years old now.

In June 2018, C Murder’s case got featured on Investigation Discovery Reasonable Doubt. Kenneth Jorndan recanted and discussed his false testimony against the rapper on this episode. He stated that he was pressured by detectives to do that or else, he would faced a 10-year prison sentence for unrelated criminal charges.

In the next month, on July 6, another witness Darnell Jordan recanted his testimony revealing that he was detained and locked in a hotel room by the police for refusing to do false testimony against C Murder.

This incident shook the Internet and campaigns like “Free Corey Miller” started making waves on Twitter and other social media platforms. However, C Murder is still incarcerated. Will the real justice ever be served?