What is Lana Rhoades Plans in 2022?

When you think of the most popular adult movie star in the world, one name comes to mind: Lana Rhoades. This stunning brunette has made a name for herself with her amazing looks and her passion for work. But what is she doing in 2022? Lana has big plans for the future, and here’s what you can expect from her!


Lana Rhoades Plans For 2022

Lana Rhoades is a former adult movie star who recently revealed that she would never return to the world of porn, no matter how much money she is offered. She quit the industry a few years ago after suffering from trauma.

While making an appearance on Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk podcast, Rhoades talked about her personal life and said that she is against the adult industry now. She explained that she didn’t have a great experience in porn and that it’s not good for other women or men.

Rhoades is currently focusing on her Instagram account, which has over 16.7 million follower & 1.02 million subscriber on YouTube channel ‘Lana Rhoades‘. She often posts vlogs and challenges for her fans. In one of her recent videos, she even talked about how the adult industry is not as glamorous as people think it is.

Rhoades has said that she wants to help other women who are in the industry and that she is currently working on a project that will do just that. She didn’t reveal much about the project, but said that it will be something big.

There is no doubt that Lana Rhoades is one of the most popular youtuber & social influencer right now. But what’s her plan for this year has still to come into light which Only time will tell.

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