What Happened To Graylan Spring? Know Everything About Tragic Accident

On Friday in a tragic accident, Graylan Spring, a freshman wide receiver at Stephen F. Austin State University and former SFA baseball player Micah McAfoose were involved in a motor vehicle collision with a semi in east Texas that resulted in two fatalities and Spring sustaining critical injuries. This incident has deeply impacted the Stephen F. Austin community, including college athletes, families, students, and wider members of the public. Keep reading more…

What happened to Graylan Spring?

On Friday evening, a terrible car accident claimed the lives of two individuals and severely injured another. Shockingly, one of those involved was Graylan Spring, a Primie student-athlete at Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas, who was studying health sciences. Fortunately for him, his medical team managed to stabilize him and he is currently in critical condition.

Tragically, another victim of this crash was former SFA baseball player Micah McAfoose; his sudden passing has left the tight knit university community both in shock and mourning. The cause and any further details of the accident are yet unknown but we will be sure to update you if more information becomes available.

Impact on Those Involved

This tragedy has sent shockwaves throughout the community of Vandegrift High School, where Graylan Spring graduated from class ’22 after being a two-year letter-winner there.

His family and friends are expressing their sadness over this tragic event on social media outlets such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. People have also been raising funds for his medical expenses through GoFundMe pages set up by those close to him. 

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People’s Sharing Their Condolences on Social Media

Stephen F. Austin State University has also expressed its condolences for those that have been affected by this crash and wishes speedy recovery for Graylan Spring himself.

They released an official statement saying that they are deeply saddened by this incident and will continue to support their student-athletes both emotionally and financially during these difficult times.

Colby Carthel@CoachCarthel

Prayers needed for one of our own, Graylan Spring, a freshman WR for @SFA_Football.  He was involved in a terrible accident yesterday, involving a semi. He is now fighting for his life and needs all of our prayers! Please pray for him, his family, and his entire medical team…🙏

John P Erwin III MD FACC@HeartOTXHeartMD

Please, Lord. Heal our teammate and guide the heads and hands of his care team! 🙏🏼

The news of what happened to Graylan Spring is devastating for everyone involved. Our hearts go out to all those affected by this tragedy—the families of those who lost their lives, friends and family of Graylan Spring who are hoping for his speedy recovery, as well as anyone else who’s been impacted by it in some way or another.

We hope that everyone can come together in support during this difficult time so that we can get through it together with strength and resilience. Let’s keep praying for the recovery of Graylan Spring! #prayforgraylan #vandegrifthighschool #stephenfostateu