Vanished Genius Returns! The Untold Story of xkcdHatGuy’s 4th Dimension Explained Mysterious Disappearance! 33 Million Views to Silence.

Discover the enigmatic journey of xkcdHatGuy, the autistic YouTuber who stunned the world with his “4th Dimension Explained” video. From a sudden disappearance to an epic comeback, follow his story of lost passwords, alternative medicine, and a quest to change the world. Unveil the truth behind his mesmerizing voice and the lasting impact he seeks to make in this inspiring tale of resilience and enlightenment.

The Rise of xkcdHatGuy: Explaining the 4th Dimension.

On January 5th, 2010, the talented YouTuber xkcdHatGuy captivated audiences with his first video titled “4th Dimension Explained By a High-School Student.” With an impressive 33 million views, this video marked the beginning of a journey that would forever alter his life. Viewers were enthralled by the young man’s unexpectedly deep voice and his adept explanation of an incomprehensibly complex concept that surpassed even the capabilities of seasoned science teachers.

4th Dimension Explained By A High-School Student

There are many theories out there. This is one of those theories. Inspired by Flatlands.


An Internet Sensation and Vanishing Act

After a few years of continued success, xkcdHatGuy released a series of thought-provoking videos, delving into the socioeconomic threads of the world with an awareness far beyond his years. These ten videos garnered millions of views, etching his name into internet history. But then, without any warning, he inexplicably went silent, leaving his fans bewildered. His final video was posted on December 20th, 2013, leaving a trail of praise and unanswered questions in its wake.

The Enigmatic Absence and Theories

As xkcdHatGuy’s devoted fans came to terms with the likelihood that their favorite schoolboy philosopher may never return, theories and speculations emerged. One prevailing notion suggested that he had found a way to enter the 4th dimension and was comfortably residing there. Despite the uncertainty, heartfelt comments and messages of admiration continued to pour in, a testament to the impact he had made on his audience.

A Triumphant Return: The Man Behind the Voice

Nearly six years after his mysterious disappearance, on September 4th, 2019, xkcdHatGuy emerged from oblivion, looking older but with his unmistakable voice intact. In a video titled “My Return to YouTube and Why I Left,” he finally shed light on the reasons behind his sudden departure and offered an update on his life’s journey.

The Forgotten Password and a Revelation.

You can view the video at the link provided below.

(3) My Return to YouTube and Why I Left – YouTube

This is a mini-biography about me and it explains why I left YouTube for over 5 years instead of continuing making more videos on my original channel, xkcdHatGuy. I am happy to be back and to be able to share more content with you guys in the upcoming future and hopefully I am here to stay.


In his much-anticipated return, xkcdHatGuy revealed that the cause of his silence was a forgotten password. This unfortunate incident resulted in a loss of access to his account, preventing him from uploading new content. Additionally, he disclosed that he is autistic and shared how his diagnosis has significantly influenced his personal growth and development.

Embracing Health and Alternative Medicine

self-enforcing consequences of drug abuse

During his time away from YouTube, HatGuy’s life took a transformative turn. He embraced a strong focus on health, delving into the study of alternative medicine. His passion for a holistic approach to well-being led him to develop his “ultimate health theory.”

Life, Philosophy, and Marriage

HatGuy’s return video also revealed some significant changes in his personal life. He disclosed that he chose to drop out of college, feeling that it promoted conformity, which conflicted with his pursuit of truth and authenticity. Presently, he is happily married, celebrating four years of wedded bliss with his wife.

A New Mission: Inspiring Positive Change

With a renewed purpose, xkcdHatGuy launched a new channel bearing his familiar name. Determined to make a positive impact, he aims to enlighten people about the toxic aspects of the world we live in and empower them to enact positive change, both within themselves and in their environment. His mission is to help people discover the truth and foster a better world for all.

A Bright Future with a Memorable Past

In his second YouTube journey, xkcdHatGuy aspires to create meaningful content and leave a lasting legacy of enlightenment and inspiration. With his unmistakable voice, unique perspective, and unyielding determination, he endeavors to make his mark once again, this time remembering his password and firmly standing by his audience’s side.

What Are Fans Saying About xkcdHatGuy Return?

shizo-affective disorder, autistic. Man I feel a little concerned here. I also have both, and that’s extremely hard to deal with it. This guy diserves all the respect. eat healthy food, pray your Lord, and love your wife, that’s all I can say to you man.


Wow, I used to be so jealous watching your videos, like “why can’t I be this smart?”, little did I know how much you were actually going through. Glad to see you pal, bless up.


I mean he’s 6’5” , has a wife and not one but two cats as well as a buttload of free time to do whatever he wants. I’m happy to see things turned out well for him.


I just discovered your video about the 4th dimension about an hour ago and in the first 15 seconds of the video I knew you were on the spectrum. I am as well. I found out last year. My parents never told me, so it sounds like you and I grew up very similar. When I was in my late teens I went on rants about different topics pertaining to society, physics, conspiracy theories, etc. No one cared. I felt very alone and scared and angry all the time.

Depression nearly took my life as I had no idea what was wrong with me; I couldn’t hold a job, my emotions never felt validated, to everyone else I was just lazy or pretending to be a victim to skate by through life… When in reality, in my heart, all I ever WANTED was to be normal. Fast forward over ten years later to today and now I feel comfortable knowing I’m not alone in the way I think and process the world around me.

You’re very appreciated, sir, for what you do. Anyway sorry for the long comment I just think it’s fascinating that I identify with your brain as much as I do. It’s really cool. Take care.Show less


He’s such a sweet genuine intelligent guy. I love to listen to him, I agree with a lot of things he says and I see myself in him (albeit less Intelligent and less coherent of my beliefs) it’s comforting to listen to someone who understands you.


I have a young child with autism. Hearing your story is extremely reassuring. Knowing that my son will grow up being able to interact with his world in a meaningful way gives me a lot of hope. Gaining weight is hard. You made a video a while back talking about sugar and healthy eating. I would recommend eliminating or severely reducing carbohydrates.

It’s better for overall health; reduces inflammation and improved longevity, even mood. A lot of people with autism find benefits from gluten and casein free diets, as it’s common for autistic people to have some mitochondrial dysfunction that is exacerbated by dietary factors. Glad you’re back and living life on your terms.


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