RIP Raju Srivastav Dies at 58, Cause of Death Explained

It is with a heavy heart that we report that Raju Srivastava, one of India’s most loved comedians, has passed away. Srivastava had been on a ventilator since collapsing while running on a treadmill in August, and his health condition remained unchanged despite an angioplasty procedure. He was declared dead at 10.20 am this morning.

Srivastava was 58 years old and leaves behind a wife and two children. He was a popular face in the entertainment industry and will be sorely missed. Our thoughts are with his loved ones at this difficult time.

On August 10, Raju Srivastava suffered a massive cardiac arrest while on the treadmill. He collapsed during the workout. “He was doing his routine exercise and while he was on the treadmill, he suddenly fell down,” his cousin Ashok Srivastava had told the media on the same day. Immediately after this he was admitted to AIIMS hospital in New Delhi and underwent angioplasty the same day.

Angioplasty Process

Also known as balloon angioplasty and percutaneous transluminal angioplasty, this process is used to widen the blocked or narrowed down arteries and veins which happen due to arterial atherosclerosis.

The purpose behind the angioplasty process is to break the fatty plaque build-up in the blood vessel and is recommended to those whose heart function has already come at a risk.

Angioplasty is done by a threaded catheter that has a balloon at its tip is inserted into the femoral artery located in the thigh and then passed through vessels until it reaches near the heart.

Once it reaches there, the balloon is inflated which results in the stretching of vessel walls and finally the breaking of plaque. This procedure doesn’t take more than an hour or two, however, one might have to stay at the hospital for observation for 24 hours. While this isn’t a long-term solution and there are some risks involved with angioplasty, it can be a lifesaving emergency procedure for someone suffering from a heart attack.