Parents Of Kass Theaz Sued For Giving Birth To Her.

Woman, Kass Theaz, Who Sued Her Parents Explains Why Her Own Children Can’t Sue Her for Being Born Without Her Consent.

Kass Theaz Sued For Giving Birth To Her.

A mother who earlier gained notoriety in July 2022 for asserting that she had sued her parents because they had given birth to her without her consent has lately gained notoriety once more, this time for defending herself against a lawsuit from her own children.

The New Jersey native creates humorous content for TikTok under the handle “Kass Theaz” (@isatandstared). On May 24, 2023, she published a video in response to another person who appeared perplexed when she mentioned that she had gone shopping for her children.

She thinks that because her children were adopted, they cannot sue her for giving birth to them.
She states in her first video that she sued her parents for having her without her consent.

She alleges that before they filed an appeal, they were providing her with $5,000 per month to support herself — as was obviously required by the court — but once they did, she was forced to “get a job” to cover her own expenses.

Despite the fact that the entire situation was a comedy, viewers were incensed when she disclosed she had children of her own because of how many people took her seriously. So she decided to mock that as well.

“OMG, do you have kids?” When I saw Theaz’s video response to a comment, I could tell that people were outraged by the way she had thrown her own parents through the bus for being her parents, but she had clarified that her circumstance was different.

Many people are surprised to learn that I have kids given that I sued my parents for having me without my consent. However, I simply want to make a few things crystal clear. Therefore, the parents I sued were involved in my conception, she alleges.

Remember It’s Satire… FAKE NEWS – Don’t take it seriously!

Who Is Kass Theaz?

Kass Theaz is a TikTok star. Kass Theaz Sues is a well-known person from New Jersey who rose to prominence for filing a lawsuit against the US government over her financial aid and educational expenses. In one well-known instance, Kass sued her parents to help them pay for her educational expenses. In addition to her legal work, Kass is well-known as a TikToker and social media figure, largely because of the interesting and entertaining content she creates for TikTok.

Kass Theaz Sues was born in New Jersey, while the exacts of her birthdate and other private information have not yet been made available to the general public. She will be between the ages of 18 and 22 as of 2022. Kass has a sizable fan base on TikTok, where her inventive films have enthralled and amused a large audience. Her popularity as a TikToker and social media influencer is clear, despite the fact that her exact date of birth and other personal information are secret.

The parents of Kass Theas continue to remain well-known while being sued.

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She Claims to be a Lesbian. She says that the baby inside her was a “Divine Intervention”.


Replying to @tammybahnam isatandstared satire

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I was hoping it was a joke and had to search to find out for sure 😂 Thank heavens it’s a spoof. Now I can laugh 😆. Needless to say there probably is someone out there like her character. God save our world.

Elisa J

Do enjoy your rants … makes my day filled with laughter… if I were your parents I would totally disown you… enjoy your happy life😄😄😄😄😄😄

Roberta P

Capernaum by Nadine Labaki. Its an award winner movie about a boy who sues this parents for bringing him into this world.

Nancy Y

The comment section of this video is absolutely HILARIOUS 😂😂😂

Boomers (and I’m not saying it’s ALL boomers but statistically it is majority of that generation, so calm down) are unfortunately so quick to believe everything they see on the internet without doing even a TAD bit of research 😩

If anyone in the comment section did just a simple google search instead of taking this post at face value, they would discover that this video is 100% satire.

The woman in this video is Kass Theaz, an actress and a satirical TikTok creator. She makes MANY videos like this for pure entertainment and comedy.

Boomers love shouting “FAKE NEWS!” but are the number one perpetrators of spreading false information and getting themselves riled up over things that they just don’t understand 🤦🏻‍♂️ then they like to tag on “this generation is crazy!!!” “this is the generation that will be running our country! Pathetic!” “Must be a LIBERAL!” 💀💀💀 literally getting themselves so upset and raising their blood pressure over a fake video 💀💀💀

Moral of the story is, no matter what generation you belong to, for the love of GOD, PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU RILE YOURSELF UP AND SPREAD FALSE INFORMATION JUST TO RILE OTHER PEOPLE UP. That’s just irresponsible and dangerous, for anyone to do.

Jarred V

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