Nubia Cristina Braga Shot Dead by Masked Gunmen

Nubia Cristina Braga was a Brazilian Instagram influencer who was shot dead by masked gunmen at her home in Santa Maria, Brazil on October 14. Nubia had just returned from the salon when she was killed.

Authorities say that Nubia had just returned from a hair appointment, an account she documented on her last Instagram story. It is still unknown why Nubia was targeted and killed, but her death has sent shockwaves through the Instagram community.

Nubia was a popular figure on Instagram, with over 60,000 followers on the platform. She often posted about her travels, fashion, and beauty tips. In the days leading up to her death, Nubia had been promoting a new line of hair products.

Many of Nubia’s followers have taken to social media to express their condolences. One user wrote, “You were always so positive and full of life. You didn’t deserve this. Rest in peace, beautiful.”

The motive behind Nubia’s murder is still unknown, and authorities are continuing to investigate the case. In the meantime, her friends and family are mourning the loss of this vibrant young woman.

Nubia Cristina Braga Cause of Death

On October 14, 2020, Brazilian Instagram influencer, Anna Braga, was shot and killed in her home by two men who broke in through the front door.

The men opened fire on the influencer and fled the scene on a motorbike.

Braga was found lying dead in a pool of blood by authorities who arrived at the scene at 9 pm.

The identities of the masked assassins remain unknown and so does the motive behind the gruesome murder.

However, the police have since opened an investigation to determine the intention of the two men.

In addition to carrying out their own investigation, authorities have also requested the public to come forward with any information that could help lead to the capture of the killers.

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About Nubia Cristina Braga

Nubia Cristina Braga was a Brazilian Instagram influencer who had amassed a following of over 60,000 on the platform. She was known for her fashion and travel content, which often included live blogs of her trips to places like Rio De Janeiro, New York, and Spain’s Gijon.

Braga had once dreamed of becoming a world-famous influencer, and eventually made the name of her brand by opening her clothing store called ‘Boss’s Closet’. She was highly respected by her social media followers and was known as ‘The Boss’. Her content inspired many people to follow their dreams and travel the world.

Sadly, Braga passed away in a car accident on October 14 at the age of 23. Her death left many of her followers devastated, and she will be remembered as one of the most influential social media stars of her generation.