How did Keith Wonderboy Johnson die? Gospel Music Singer’s Cause of Death Explored

Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson, the famous Gospel music singer and performer, passed away this Friday. He was 50 years old. Read on to know how did Keith Wonderboy Johnson die, what happened to him, and what was the cause of his death.

Johnson was a highly celebrated artist who won a great number of awards throughout his prolific career that kicked off two decades ago. Fans are mourning the loss of the Gospel legend through social media platforms as #RIPKeithWonderboyJohnson is trending.

How did Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson die?

Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson died on Friday, September 30, 2022, at the age of 50. The exact time and circumstances of his passing are unknown at the time of writing. The tragic news of his demise was initially reported by Black Gospel Radio and Larry Reid Live.

According to the reports, Johnson passed away at his residence in Brooklyn, New York. The heartbreaking news was then confirmed by tributes posted on Instagram by famous comedian 2trillion, who was one of Keith’s best friends, Tedd Win, Titus Showers, and others.

“Please call me Homie … they always sayin folk dead on social media … please call me Potna at any time … I’ll answer the phone, I promise … we was supposed to hang next month …” wrote 2trillian in an emotional Instagram post.

Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson dead: What was his cause of death?

The specific cause of Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson’s death at 50 years of age is unknown at the moment. We’re still trying to reach the people close to him to find out more information about the circumstances surrounding his death.

There are some reports available on the Internet claiming that Keith Johnson died in a fatal car accident. However, there are no sources available to confirm them.

Likewise, some news outlets including Sportskeeda, are stating that Keith Johnson possibly died of “health intricacies” that he suffered from. We are unable to confirm them as well at this time. We’ll update this section with more information later.

Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson Early Life and Music Career

Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson was born as Keith Lamar Johnson on May 17, 1972, in Brooklyn, NY. He was given the monicker “Wonderboy” when he was just five by his older sister, Sonya Johnson to due to his extraordinary musical proficiency.

Wonderboy started signing original spiritual tones alongside his father, Philip Johnson, and his uncles. In 1998, Keith Johnson kicked off his musical career with “Through the Storm.”

He went on to release 13 more albums, and 11 out of his 14 albums made to the Billboard Gospel Music top charts during the era.

In his thirteen years long career, Keith was signed to many big labels such as World Wide Gospel, Worldwide, Verity, Central South, and Blacksmoke. He also won six Stellar Awards for his music and was also nominated twice for the Dove Awards.

Keith Wonderboy Johnson “It Was You” Official Video

Keith Johnson was a divorcee and details about his ex-wife are not available online. He leaves behind his two children, Elyse and Brianna Johnson.

Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson Networth: How rich was he?

Keith Johnson a.k.a Wonderboy was a highly famous Amerian gospel music singer and performer. According to an estimate, he had a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million.

Most of his albums made the top charts and sold big numbers of copies. He also had a number of investments in businesses, real estate, and other instruments.

Tributes Flooding for Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson

Ever since the news broke, Keith Johnson’s fans and industry friends are paying tributes to the late Gospel musician. Here are some of the most notable ones:

We’d like to extend our condolences to his family in these heartbreaking times. May God let Wonderboy’s soul rest in peace.

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