How Did John Rooney Die? Cause Of Death, Obituary and More

It is with deep sadness that, The Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL lost an important figure on Tuesday, December 27th 2022 when minority owner John Rooney passed away. Rooney was the son of the Steelers founder Arthur J. Rooney and brother to former chairman Daniel M. Rooney. Let’s take a look at John’s impact on the NFL as we remember him. Keep reading more

Who is John Rooney?

John Rooney was one of the NFL’s most beloved figures, having been a minority owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2002. John was the son of Steelers founder, Arthur J. Rooney and brother to former chairman Daniel M. Rooney who, together established the successful legacy John continued to support over two decades later. John had shaped not only the NFL’s history but he had also left an incredible impression on all those whose lives he touched through his immense passion for the sport and giving nature.

John had a long career in professional football that started in 1969 when he first joined the Steelers organization. He held various roles with the team over the years including president, director of player personnel and vice president/general manager. He even served as a member of three Super Bowl championship teams during his time with Pittsburgh. In addition to his work with the Steelers, he also worked for two other teams including two seasons as Vice President/Director of Football Operations for the Baltimore Ravens (2002-2003) and one season with the Arizona Cardinals (2004).

In addition to his work within individual teams, John also served as Chairman of NFL Alumni from 1997-2003 and was elected Chairman Emeritus in 2004. He was also elected to serve as an alternate representative of NFL owners at league meetings in 2003-2004 where he advocated for player safety initiatives such as improved helmets and knee braces which helped protect players from serious injuries while playing football. His work in this area was recognized by fellow league owners when they presented him with The Lamar Hunt Award for Professional Football in 2013-2014.

How did John Rooney die? What was the cause of John death?

While the Steelers have yet to make a formal announcement of his death, news of his passing has been confirmed by the New York Giants, who have strong ties with both the Steeler’s Rooney family and their own Mara family.

At the time o writings the cause and location of death are unknown.

John Rooney Obituary

John was an active community member in Pittsburgh who supported many charities over his lifetime including The United Way, Catholic Charities, American Red Cross and Salvation Army among others. He was known both within and outside of football circles for his kindness and willingness to help those around him whenever possible which made him well respected by all who knew him throughout his life. John passed away leaving an irreplaceable void in the NFL family which will never be forgotten.

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Rest in Peace to John Rooney, longtime minority owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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RIP John Rooney🙏🙏🙏

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Rest in Peace

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Rest in Peace 🙏🙏🙏

The legacy that John leaves behind is one that will be remembered not only within professional sports circles but throughout Pittsburgh itself where he spent much of his life supporting charities and giving back to those around him through acts of kindness . His contributions to player safety initiatives within football will live forever as will his commitment to making sure players are safe while playing this beloved game we all know so well today . We thank you for your service , John , rest easy knowing you made a difference . God Bless you , your family , friends , colleagues , fans , & all whose lives you touched . You will be sorely missed . Thank you for everything 🙏🏼 💛 💜 🖤 🧡 ❤️ 💙 💚 #steelersfamily #RIPJohnRooney #SteelersNationForever #PittsburghStrongerTogether #PittsburghUnite #WeAreOneFamily#gonebutneverforgotten#johnrooneyforeverinourhearts👼🏼 ♥️♠️♦️♣️ ✝️☝🏼✌🏽❤️🐾❤️✌🏽☝🏼✝️♣️♦️♠♥️👼🏼RestInPeaceJohnRooney #SteelersForever#nflalumniforever#footballforever#johnrooneylegacyliveson❤😇😍😘♥️♠♥♦♣✝☝✌❤🐾❤✌☝✝♣♦♠♥👼RestInPeaceJohnRooneySteelersForevernflalumniforeverfootballforeverjohnrooneylegacyliveson ❤😇😍😘♥️♠♥♦♣✝☝✌❤🐾❤✌☝✝♣♦♠♥👼 Rest In Peace John Rooney – Your Legacy Lives On!