Jimboboiii: The Disturbing Trending Twitch Streamer

Jimboboiii: The Disturbing Trending YouTube Streamer- Jimboboiii is the trending name on social media right now and for all the wrong reasons. This YouTube streamer is in hot water after streaming a live shooting incident. The disturbing video was dropped by Jimboboiii and has since gone viral. He is now facing the repercussions of his actions, which could include being banned from YouTube altogether.

Jimboboiii: The Disturbing Trending Twitch Streamer

Jimboboiii: The Disturbing Trending Twitch Streamer

The tragic event occurred in New York on May 14 when a white 18-year-old killed more than 10 victims and injured 3 others among three other victims in the New York city of Buffalo police reported. 

The gunman, whose internet username is “jimboboiii,” has been detained after streaming the entire incident on the gaming platform Twitch according to the company’s statement on the following evening on Saturday.

 The shooter has released the 180-page manifesto outlining his anti-Semitic and racist beliefs that he attributed on the as-of-now-defunct online community 4chan as the source of inspiration for the shooting. 

The manifesto also mentioned the existence of an anonymous Discord chat room, on which the shooter reportedly laid out his plans ahead of time.

The shooting occurred at the Tops Friendly Market on Jefferson Street which is a largely Black suburban area that is located in Western New York state.

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According to the local newspaper the Buffalo News, one of the witnesses claimed that the market had been “filled” and busy that day, as is normal for a Saturday. 

Jimboboiii, whom Buffalo authorities identified as 18-year-old Payton Gendron, walked towards the grocery store and killed four people on the lot killing everyone except one. 

Gendron then went inside the store, killing a variety of people, including a newly ex- Buffalo officer who worked as a security officer. The majority of the victims were black.

About Jimboboiii

1. Jimboboiii is a YouTube streamer who has gained popularity for his creative and interesting gameplays

2. He is known for his unique sense of humour and his willingness to take risks in order to entertain his viewers

3. Jimboboiii’s channel has over 100,000 followers and continues to grow daily

Police have described the shooting as the shooting a hate crime motivated by race and the CBS News correspondent reporting that the Buffalo city FBI branch as well as its police department as well as its police force, as well as U.S Department of Justice are investigating the incident as the case.

 The president Biden has also declared the shooting as a racist act in the name of White superiority. Payton Gendron was indicted and charged with murder in the first degree but has pleaded not guilty to his charges as reported by The Independent..