How did Paul Kitching Die?What was the Cause of Death?Know Everything About Him

It is with deep sadness that we share the news of the sudden passing of Paul Kitching, a Michelin-starred chef who was renowned throughout the culinary world. He was just 61 years old. On December 14th, 2022, the world of gastronomy and fine dining felt an incredible loss with the death of Paul Kitching, who had been passionate about classical cooking from an early age. Keep reading this artice

Who was Paul Kitching?

He was a renowned chef of Edinburgh’s 21212 Restaurant, who first began his professional culinary career while he was only eighteen years old. Before relocating to York as a commis chef, Paul started out at the age of seventeen as a kitchen porter in a Latin American restaurant in Newcastle. This is when he first discovered his passion for classical cooking. With dedication and talent, his career skyrocketed, as he worked with multiple Michelin-starred restaurants such as Restaurant 74 and Gidleigh Park. At thirty years old, Paul earned himself his own star with his own restaurant, Juniper.
In addition to running Juniper, Paul hosted several popular cooking shows on BBC television including Great British Menu and Great British Chefs . He also taught cooking classes all around the UK and wrote multiple cookbooks which have become staples for aspiring chefs everywhere. His work helped him to build a reputation as an innovator who could bring new flavors to classical British dishes without losing their original appeal.

Paul’s Impact on Scotland & The World

Paul’s impact on Scotland and British cuisine is immeasurable. His innovative approach to cooking inspired many young chefs who have gone on to make their mark in the culinary world themselves. He also led efforts to introduce healthier eating habits into local communities throughout Scotland through his work with schools and food banks across Edinburgh. This commitment to helping those in need was something that was often overlooked when discussing his career but it is no less impressive than his accomplishments in the kitchen.

How did Paul Kitching die? What was the cause of Paul death?

Paul Kitching died in the early hours of Wednesday, December 14th, 2022, surrounded by his beloved family members. Despite an outpouring of love and support from his friends and family, the cause of death is still unknown. We can only hope that in his final moments before leaving this world for a better one, Paul found peace.

Paul Kitching Net Worth

Paul Kitching dream of owning one of the best restaurants in the United Kingdom in Edinburgh, and it has paid off with a net worth of $6 million. He achieved incredible praise and reviews with “21212” which received 3 michelin stars under his ownership, cementing Kitching’s fame for exceptional cuisine and setting a new standard for fine dining. His recent move to London to open a restaurant should pique the interest of many foodies across the country.

Tributes Pour to Paul Kitching death

Stephen Jardine@21212Edinburgh
Oh no Katie, I’m so sorry. He was an extraordinary talent and a beautiful human being. I have a letter from him I’ll always treasure. I’ll be thinking about you both in the days ahead.


So sorry to read this, our thoughts are with you and everyone @ 21212 x

Extremely sad and shocked to hear. Always brought his “A” game to the industry. We have lost a great chef and man. May he rest in peace. Condolences to@all his team and especially to his close friends and family at this time.

The death of Paul Kitching has been felt by many throughout Scotland, the UK, and beyond. His legacy will live on through those who were inspired by him and through the wonderful dishes he created during his time as a chef at 21212 Restaurant as well as other establishments around Britain. While we can never replace someone like Paul Kitching, we can remember him fondly for everything he accomplished during his lifetime—both inside and outside the kitchen! From all of us here at 21212 Restaurant; thank you for your dedication to making great food accessible for all! Rest In Peace, Paul Kitching!