How did Coach Eric Baker die? Cause of death explored

Coach Eric Baker of Cheer Extreme DMV unexpectedly passed away on Wednesday, December 7th, at his home. For the past 11 years, Eric has been seen at Cheer Extreme DMV. During his career, he has touched many lives and made a lot of athletes and families happy. He may have gone, but his legacy will remain alive.

Keep reading to know more about this emerging coach, Eric Baker, who he was, how he died, what was the cause of his death, tributes for coach Eric Baker, and much more!

How Did Eric Baker Die? Cause of Death

One of Cheer Extreme DMV’s prominent coaches, cheerleader, and choreographer, Eric Baker, tragically died on Wednesday, December 22, 2022. As of now, the exact cause of Eric Baker’s unfortunate death is unknown or made public by anyone.No one knows, what happened to him and what leads to his sudden gone.

Eric’s death news left everyone in a state of deep shock, pain, and grief. It is still in the dark how he died and the investigation is in progress. Also, the news regarding the funeral ceremony of Eric Baker is also unrevealed at this time.

Cheer Extreme DMV Reaction

The Cheer Extreme DMV posted a picture of Eric Baker on Facebook with a long statement in his remembrance, saying,

“We are saddened to share this news with you all. One of our most cherished staff members went unexpectedly suddenly at home yesterday, we discovered late last night. For the past 11 years, Coach Eric Baker has been a regular at Cheer Extreme DMV. During that time, he has changed countless lives and brought joy to countless individuals.”

“We are devasted over this enormous loss. Although we don’t yet know anything about a service, we will be planning a celebration of life shortly and will provide information as soon as we do. Since, as you all know, Eric was always the loudest and most amusing person in the room, we are confident that he would want us to commemorate his life and share our fondest memories with one another.”

“Eric will be the focus of this season. Our athletes and families held the utmost importance to him. Soon, I’ll let you know the day and hour when we can all remember him together. We’ll be in the gym as usual, and we’re available to speak with anyone.”

Tributes for Eric Baker

Heather Wahl: “Eric had such a bright personality and we just loved watching his energy and his love for his work.”

One of his friends Cassie Adria mentioned,

Jessica Myers:“This is heartbreaking! Amazing coach, athlete, and person! Prayers to all of the CEA family, his friends, and his family. Fly high Coach Eric.”

Carla Tuite:“So heartbreaking! He was an amazing kind soul and such an encouraging coach. Thinking of his family and friends. He will be missed.”

Glenn Kingsbury pointed out,

Meaghan Marie:“Omg WHAT?!?? This has me in tears. Gosh, we loved him. He was such an amazing soul and was always so so sweet to our joy girls I am so so sorry”.

It’s time to close this article, hope you get what you’re looking for. We were rather shocked to hear the news of his sudden death. Our heartfelt condolences to his beloved family. We pray that the almighty gives his family the strength to go through this tragic moment.