Beautician Elle Edwards, 26, Killed in Wallasey Pub Shooting on Christmas Eve: What Happened?

A 26-year-old woman named Elle Edwards was killed in the Wallasey Pub shooting on Christmas Eve in Merseyside. Read on to learn who was Elle Edwards, how did the beautician die, and who killed her in the pub shooting.

Elle Edwards was out enjoying the auspicious Christmas evening but she didn’t know it was going to be her last day in this world. She tragically passed away without doing anything wrong. An investigation is going on as the police are on the hunt for the suspect.

Who was Elle Edwards?

Elle Edwards was a British woman who worked as a beautician in a beauty salon named Nova Studio. Born in 1996, Elle is described as a woman with a “beautiful soul” and a “pure heart.” She was a certified beautician who was interested in wellness since her teenage years.

Elle Edwards was the victim of the Merseyside pub shooting which took place on Christmas Eve. Tributes have poured in for the lady who was out with her friends to celebrate the occasion before she was shot in the head.

How did beautician Elle Edwards die?

Elle Edwards died on Saturday, December 24, 2022, after being shot in the head at the Lighthouse Inn in Wallasey Village on the Wirral, in Merseyside, just around 11:50 PM. She was just 26 at the time of her untimely death.

The young lady was out enjoying Christmas with her sister and friends at the time of the shooting. She is not believed to be the target of the shooting which also left several others injured. The gunman fled the area in a dark-colored car after fatally shooting Elle Edwards.

Following her death, the staff at Nova Studio said they were “absolutely lost for words” in an emotional tribute post on Instagram. “Heaven gained the most beautiful angel. We are all heartbroken, thinking of all of your family right now Elle,” they added.

Wallasey, Merseyside Pub Shooting on Christmas Eve: What Happened?

A deadly shooting took place at the Lighthouse Inn in Wallasey Village on the Wirral, in Merseyside on Christmas Eve. The tragic incident left Elle Edwards, 26, dead, and four others injured. Out of those, one is critical at the hospital struggling for life.

The identity of the 28-year-old man who was critically injured in the Wallasey pub shooting has been kept private. Along with him, a 22-year-old man received leg injuries, a 24-year-old man sustained a hand injury, and a 33-year-old man suffered an injury to his wrist.

None of these injuries are thought to be life-threatening. However, Elle Edwards received the gunshot into her head and was declared dead on the scene.

“Her family has been informed, and on today, which should be a day with friends celebrating, they are coming to terms with this tragic loss,” said Detective Superintendent Sue Coombs told a news conference on Christmas.

Coombs revealed that the gunman fired shots toward the front entrance of the pub and then fled the location. “We know that minutes later, a dark-colored vehicle, possibly an A-class Mercedes, was seen to leave the pub car park, so we are particularly keen to speak to that male and anybody who knows anything about that vehicle,” she added.

Who killed Elle Edwards and Why?

Elle Edwards was shot and killed by an unidentified gunman in a Wallasey pub on Christmas Eve. It’s believed that Elle wasn’t the target of the suspect and became the victim of the attack accidentally.

The suspect was possibly firing shots at someone else and Elle came in the path of a bullet while trying to escape from the shooting. A stampede followed the shooting as people were rushing out of the club in hurry to save themselves.

The police are carrying on investigative procedures to track down the gunman who killed Elle Edwards and fled away. They are urging anyone who has any relevant information to come forward and help the deceased get justice.

The MP for Wallasey, Angela Eagle, stated that she was “heartbroken” at the “senseless” act Eagle described the area as a “very settled, good community.”

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