Donny Ubiera: After a knife fight with authorities, a man arrested in subway slashings was released

A Queens man was detained on Saturday for allegedly carrying out random subway stabbings in the weeks following his arrest and release for waving a blade at police.

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What happened ?

According to the NYPD, Donny Ubiera, 32, slashed two straphangers — one in the head and the other in the neck — on the Flushing-to-Midtown No. 7 metro line without any required justification on Friday and even Saturday mornings. The alleged chronic slasher was released from prison on Thursday after he allegedly refused to put down a huge knife on the sidewalk when approached by Queens cops and then attempted to flee with it the week before.

“This has never been anything other than expected,” an angry NYPD Commissioner Kee chant Sewell fumed in a news release issued Sunday, blasting against the city’s criminal-justice system for allowing offenders like Ubiera to walk free so easily. “It appears that your cops are doing an excellent job.

“We keep catching that guy,” she added of the accused, who has been detained at least fourteen times, including for violence in the past. “His record reveals that, instead of incarceration or mental therapy, the justice system sends him back to the city and subways when he commits random acts of violence against innocent people.” ” He’ll definitely find a target.”

In-depth analysis of the case

Ubiera has been the focus of four police calls for a psychologically disturbed person, according to law enforcement authorities. On the street, someone was being apprehended in the same dazzling gold and black button-up shirt that he was purportedly wearing during the train assaults.

On Saturday evening, he was charged with the subway slashings. Surveillance footage shows him in his new clothing, threatening people with a knife in a metro station, according to authorities.

According to investigators, the first public transportation attack occurred around 8:40 a.m. local time on Friday, during rush hour, at Queensboro Plaza in Long Island, Queens, leaving the sixty-two-year-old victim with cuts to his hand and face.