How Did Chase Heinold Die? Know Everything About His Life Cause Of Death, Obituary And More

The East Mills community is in mourning following the sudden passing of Chase Heinold, an English teacher at East Mills Junior and Senior High School. According to East Mills Administration, The Junior and Senior High School is going to be open at 3 p.m. – 5 p.m. on Friday, March 17, to allow people to gather and support each other. The AEA crisis team has been contacted, along with a couple local pastors as the school district works together to come to terms with the news of his passing. Keep reading more.

Who Was Chase Heinold?

Chase Heinold was a beloved member of the East Mills community who had a passion for teaching English and literature. He actively participated in student clubs and activities throughout his five years at East Mills Junior and Senior High School, where he made an impact on many students’ lives. During his time there he was said to have held an unwavering commitment to each student’s success in education as well as their general wellbeing. He also had a great sense of humor that allowed him to connect with students instantly.

What was the cause of Chase Heinold death?

The cause and the circumstances surrounding the death of Chase Heinold were not released by school officials or family members at this time. However, it has been confirmed that Mr Heinold passed away suddenly on Tuesday night (March 14th) leaving behind his wife Kristin and two children; daughter Mabel (5) son Hank (2). The family has asked for privacy during this difficult time as they come to terms with their loss.

Chase Heinold Obituary

The memory of Chase Heinold will never be forgotten by those who were lucky enough to know him or be part of his life in any way shape or form – including all those students whose lives he touched over the years through his teaching role at East Mills Junior & Senior High School. Our thoughts are with all those affected by this news during this difficult time – may you find peace and strength during these trying times ahead of you all! Rest In Peace Mr Chase Heinold! You will be missed forever!

Tributes Pour To Chase Heinold death

The tributes pouring in from former students are heartbreaking but also speak volumes about how much Mr Heinold meant to them all these years later: “He inspired me every day,” said one former student “and I’m so thankful I had him as my teacher.” Another said “I will never forget what he taught me; how to think critically about literature but more importantly how it applies in everyday life.” His obituary reads “a teacher first and foremost he always put others before himself” which speaks volumes about his character.

Dawn Adamson

We Cannot even begin to express the heartache that this family and community are going through right now! Chase was such a positive influence and outstanding role model to both of our boys! Our hearts, love, hugs and prayers go out to everyone that was blessed to know him, especially his amazing family! So many prayers going up! Rest in Peace Coach!!! You will be missed dearly!!!! 😭💔

Jesselee Kendra D Crase
We constantly say to one another “life is too short” but when someone is taken so soon these words seem to have a certain sting.

My mother relocated my family to a small town in Iowa when I was young, where I finished high school. During this time, I met a class full of people I still consider friends to this day, and I recently learned of the death of one of these classmates.

Chase was someone who showed us all how to have fun in life and how to be the life of the party. He was one of the first guys in Essex to show me genuine kindness and friendship, which lasted all the way through college. Countless memories are flooding back to me.