Anupama 13th August 2022 Written Episode Update

On the morning of the accident, Leela and Hasmukh went to the hospital to meet Vanraj. They were holding hands as they walked down the hall, and Kavya commented that the doctors had given Vanraj pain medication, but there was no pain medication for parents seeing their son in this condition.

Hasmukh encouraged Vanraj to get well soon so he could play with his grandchildren. Vanraj then asked about Anuj, and Leela told him he was in the operating room.

She said he need not worry and that she would not believe even god if he said that Vanraj was behind the accident. Adhik called Barkha, but her phone was not reachable. Anupama comforted GK and looked at the OT.

Toshu comforted her and asked her to go home and rest for sometime. Anupama said she would not leaving Anuj in this condition and asked him to get some milk and biscuits for Leela, Hasmukh, and GK and some sugar water for her as she felt dizzy.

Toshu brought juice for her from canteen. Kavya calls Samar. Samar picks the call walking on road and asks her not to cry as everything will be alright. Kavya cries saying she needs him now a

As Leela and Hasmukh walked down the hospital hallway hand-in-hand, Kavya made a comment about how the doctors had given Vanraj pain medication, but there was no such medication for parents who had to see their son in this condition.

Hasmukh encouraged Vanraj to get well soon so that he could play with his grandchildren again someday soon.

Vanraj then asked about Anuj, wanting to know how he was doing. Leela told him that Anuj was in the operating room at the moment but not to worry because she would never believe it if somebody told her that Vanraj was behind the accident–not even God himself! Adhik called Barkha but received no answer; her phone must have been turned off or something.

Anupama did her best to comfort GK as they both anxiously awaited news from inside the OT.

Toshu tried to comfort Anupama as well, urging her to go home and rest for a little while since she looked exhausted; however, Anupama refused to leave until she knew that Anuj was okay–she didn’t want to take any chances.

Toshu went to get some refreshments for everyone from the hospital cafeteria while Kavya called Samar crying hysterically into the phone receiver, telling him that she needed him now more than ever before…

Samar picked up the phone while he was walking down the street and tried to calm Kavya down, assuring her that everything would be alright in the end. Kavya cried, saying that she needed him now and asked him to come to the hospital as soon as possible. Samar told her he would be there soon and hung up the phone.

Just then, Anuj was wheeled out of the OT in a stretcher and taken to the ICU. Leela, Hasmukh, GK, and Anupama were all relieved to see that he was still alive but worried about his condition since he was not yet out of the woods. The doctor told them that Anuj was in a critical condition and they would have to wait and see how he responded to the treatment before they could say anything for sure.

Later, Kavya arrived at the hospital and ran into Samar’s arms crying. She asked him again why he hadn’t come sooner and blamed herself for everything, saying that if she had just been there then maybe none of this would have happened. Samar tried to console her, saying that it wasn’t her fault and that accidents happen sometimes–they couldn’t have predicted this.

Meanwhile, Vanraj was sitting in his hospital bed looking at Anuj’s picture when the nurse came in to give him his medication. She told him that he was a very lucky man because not many people survive falls from that height. Vanraj asked her what she meant and she explained that Anuj had been pushed from the cliff by somebody. Vanraj’s eyes widened in shock as he realized that he might be the one responsible for his son’s accident after all…

To be continued in the next episode…
Video Source: YouTube | Video by: Kereta Susana