Acharya Movie Review

Acharya Movie Review
Acharya Movie Review

Are you looking for an Indian movie to watch? Look no further than Acharya! Megastar Chiranjeevi is returning to the theatres to show the release of his Acharya film directed by Koratala Siva. Acharya is among the most anticipated films because of the presence of superstar Chiranjeevi. However, Ram Charan is also playing crucial role in the film. The trailer is mostly for commercial reasons featuring two stars being the heroes of a temple town. The film is released today, and here’s the report that was released at it’s US Premieres.

Acharya Movie Storyline?

A town of temples Dharmasthali has lost its splendor following the time Basava (Sonu Sood) has it taken into his snares. Acharya (Chiranjeevi) is the one who enters Dharmasthali and begins to reform it slowly, with his silent yet brutal acts. Acharya needed to save Dharmasthali because of a reason, and that reason is Siddha (Ram Charan). The character of Siddha and how is he connected to Acharya? What is Acharya’s origins as well as how did the resolve the issue of Dharmasthali? Acharya’s story can answer all these questions.

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Role of Our Superstars in the movie

Acharya Movie Review

Chiranjeevi is a good actor as Acharya However, his script isn’t able to convey much emotion and depth. The character doesn’t get an impressive performance in Dharmasthali. Two fights in which he is an vigilante who tries to raise his status but fails. His dancing is still enjoyable to watch and is what makes nearly all of the songs. Chiranjeevi’s character is boring and the Megastar has nothing to do here.

Acharya Movie Review

Ram Charan’s character is hyped since the very first part, but his character is very formulaic and predictable. The actor may have been influenced through the script however his role will not be entertaining. With slow and predictable narration, both the Mega heroes’ roles look dull and routine Both their characters lack a strong emotional connection with Dharmasthali/Paadaghattam sentiments.

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The stunning dance moves of Chiru as well as Charan on the Bhale Banjara song are enjoyable to enjoy. The music is interesting and attractive simply because they dance flawlessly.

Pooja Hegde has only a small role and is mostly seen as an actor. With Chiru being the only heroine in the show, Pooja Hegde is there just to fill the void as Charan’s love attraction.

Sonu Sood Jishu Sengupta Tanikella Bharani, and many others are good, but they all play the same roles they’ve been playing for a number of times. Satya Dev is in the role of a guest and is okay.

Acharya Movie Review

Acharya is a common story with a poor narration. The sequence of the scenes can be predicted using the most traditional methods.

The animation in the film is not good and could have looked much better with the leading actors like Chiranjeevi or Ram Charan in it. The script is old.

Background music in the background is decent while the tracks are pleasant to watch mainly due to Chiru along with Charan in the songs. The dialogues are not that great.

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The older heroes such as Chiranjeevi have reached a stage where they’re getting very cautious about themselves in the selection of stories, and are often creating the same safe stories with commercial elements. Acharya is one of the storylines that are routine with predictable sequences all through.

The director presents a brand new background with terms such as Dharmasthali or Paadaghattam as well as introduces us to the hero of all these, Acharya to us. However, he didn’t waste time trying to return to the routine masala formula of a movie that can be made commercially.

The opening half begins at a the slow pace, with an interesting voiceover by Mahesh Babu, but the pace does not pick up until when Chiranjeevi is introduced. The most important highlights and highs of his appearance later go unnoticed. The performances are predictable. While Chiru’s dancing is fun to see however, it’s the music Laahe Laahe as well as Saana Kashtam look like they were fabricated.

With Chiru providing hints regarding his role in Dharmasthali and also about Siddha It is obvious that the second part is about Siddha. The most talked about Siddha is also featured into a traditional story of a rescuer or the Savior. Ram Charan and Pooja Hegde’s love story and the music that follows are boring.

Its villains Sonu Sood Jishu Sen Gupta and Jishu Sen Gupta’s brother are the same villains we’ve seen in numerous films that focus on mining and the encroaching. However, the methods of causing trouble to the people do not change, for example, taking over the medicinal practices of the Paadaghattam people and so on. In addition the three villains all are the same as they sound, possibly due to the use of the same voice used by the entire cast of Bollywood villains.

There are a lot of other old scenes, such as a rapist being punished and rescuing girls from the ravages of youth and rescuing young boys from quarry work and all of these are way to celebrate heroics. The stories of Basava brutally murdering an honest officer as well as backstabbing Siddha and providing youth with drugs can be as ancient as the mountains.

The Acharya himself remains mostly an observer in the second half to observe Siddha dominate, and again with the same old routine sequences and scenes. Some scenes of a combination between Charan and Chiru were a bit mediocre but their plot at the quarry fail badly. The final battle is red and violent, with Acharya fighting for her life and could entice certain action enthusiasts.

However, Acharya is an outdated drama that has some good dance moves and a lot of predictable scenes. The inclusion of Mega Heroes Chiru and Charan might not help the film, since the plot and story are the main villains in this film.

Note: All this information is shared via personal experience of author & sourced from other online available sources. our intent in this article is to share personal opinion not the recommendation.