YouTuber Braydon Price’s Death News Surfacing on the Web: Is He Alive or Dead?

Braydon Price, the widely popular YouTube star and content creator, has reportedly passed away. This rumor is surfacing rapidly on social media platforms. Find out if the rumors are true and if YouTube Braydon Price is dead or alive.

Braydon Price is a well-known name on the Internet with thousands of fans worldwide. The YouTube star has been active on the platform since 2014. His channel has gained 522,459,866 views so far.

Who is Braydon Price?

Braydon Price, real name James Walker, is a widely popular YouTube from Los Angeles who currently resides in North Carolina. His self-titled YouTube channel has more than 1.7 million subscribers and has been active since 2014.

Braydon posts videos about adventure, outdoor activities, extreme sports, and vehicles on his channel which the fans absolutely love. He loves being outside and has a passion for hunting, fishing, and other tough man’s stuff.

Moreover, Braydon Price is also highly popular on TikTok and Instagram. The YouTuber has more than 442K followers on Instagram and 895K followers on TikTok. He regularly posts content on his social media handles.

Is Braydon Price Dead?

There are various reports available on the web recently that Bradyon Price has passed away, Braydon Price is dead, or Braydon Price is killed. However, most of them seem to be baseless rumors and none of them mention a credible source that we can believe.

There is no update from Braydon Price’s family on the news of his death. YouTube is likely alive and doing well at his home. He might be simply taking a break from his social media accounts but some mischievous fans turned it into a false rumor.

There’s no one related to Braydon Price who has come forward to state that the YouTuber has passed away. Only the Google Trends and Social Media trending section is talking about it.

Why do we believe that Braydon Price is Alive?

We believe that Braydon Price is alive and doing well at his residence due to the fact that the content creator has posted a video on YouTube just 18 hours ago. The video titled “BUYING MY CHILDHOOD DREAM TRUCK” has gained over 266K views at this time.

You can watch the video here:

Fans are just loving the video as there are plenty of people praising Braydon Price for his work. No one in the comments section including Braydon Price’s friends or family members has written anything about the YouTuber’s death.

That’s why we believe that Braydon Price’s death rumors are a hoax and baseless. We’re still trying to reach out to the people close to him to confirm everything.

Conclusion: Braydon Price’s Death Rumors are False

From what we have seen and analyzed, Braydon Price is not dead and is still alive. He wasn’t killed, didn’t suffer a car accident, and is not in jail. All the rumors about his mishappenings are false and baseless. They are probably a prank by his haters.

The cause and origin of these rumors are unknown at the time of this writing. We’re trying to figure them out. Braydon Price and his team are yet to acknowledge or respond to the rumors.

If you see any news or rumors stating otherwise, just ignore it and scroll away. We’ll keep you posted when we find more information on this topic. Stay tuned. We’d also like to send our best wishes and prayers to Braydon Price.