Yellowstone Actress Charged With Workers’ Compensation Fraud, Collected Over $96,000

Q’Orianka Kilcher, who played Angela Blue Thunder in the famous Netflix series Yellowstone is accused of two felonies of fraud in workers’ compensation by statements released by California officials on Monday (July 11).

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According to reports, she was awarded more than $96,000 in disability payments despite being a part of the well-known show for a few months.

Yellowstone actress charge $96k

Yet, I was able to work while receiving Disability Benefits…

Q’Orianka Kilcher, an actress famous for her part on the television show “Yellowstone,” was arrested and accused of two felonies Count insurance fraud involving workers’ compensation. Kilcher has been accused of violating the law by illegally collecting more than $96,000 in disability compensation as per the results of an investigation carried out by the California

Department of Insurance. Kilcher is represented at the court the Monday Morning (July 11, 2011) by her attorney, who was in attendance at the hearing.

After looking over the information on her wages from her employer, It was discovered that Kilcher was a part of the wildly popular Netflix series from July to October of 2019, despite telling the doctor that she’d be out of complete the entire year because of her injuries. In the end, charges were filed against Kilcher. The court documents also revealed that within five days of having completed her work on the show, she visited the doctor and was able to receive disability compensation for her illness.

The authorities also revealed that, based on the most current employment record, the doctor who assessed her disability claim said that were they aware of how she committed fraud, the doctor would never approve her for disability benefits. Kilcher’s claim was approved for $96,838 as “underserved disabled benefits” from October 14, 2019, until September 9 2021.

Kilcher’s injury ?

Kilcher was arrested by authorities and was charged on May 27 2022. Despite this, the matter began in the year 2018 in, when the actress allegedly suffered injuries to her right shoulder and neck when working at the location of the movie “Dora as well as The Lost City of Gold.” She saw a doctor several times during the year, but ended up stopping treatment and did not respond to the insurance company which processed the claim for her on behalf of her employers according to the investigation that followed.

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In October, Kilcher informed her insurance company via telephone that she need medical treatment. Kilcher also informed the doctor handling her claim that, at the time of her injury, she was presented with several jobs but was not able to accept them due to the seriousness of the pain in her neck. Her request for temporary complete disability compensation was accepted after a review of her application.

In case you weren’t aware that the law of the State of California prohibits the provide false details to medical professionals to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Based on the results from the probe, Kilcher continued to work on “Yellowstone” despite the fact that she informed her doctor that she was not able to be able to work because of an injury.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is responsible for prosecuting this case. The Department of Insurance is the principal agency in charge of investigating the possibility of fraudulent insurance claims for workers’ compensation. The next time Q’Orianka Kilcher is scheduled to appear in court is August 7, 2022.

Note that the California Department of Insurance, the consumer protection authority overseeing the nation’s most extensive insurance market, is responsible for protecting all consumers in the state by effectively regulating the insurance industry. Insurance commissioner Ricardo Lara heads it. This agency’s purpose is to ensure that citizens of the state are adequately protected.

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