Yammy B a.k.a Samson dead or alive ? U.K. Prisoner Who Spent 37 Years Behind Bars, is Dead

Famous podcaster and social media personality Yammy B who spent 37 years in a U.K. prison has died suddenly as per the latest reports. Find out if Yammy B is dead or if those are only rumors alongside the alleged cause of his death.

Samson had spent a very long time behind bars and he is among London’s longest-serving prisoners. After coming out of prison, he started telling his story to the world and gained a wide following globally.

Who was Yammy B?

Yammy B a.k.a Samson was a YouTuber, podcaster, and Internet personality. He went to prison after stabbing his abusers as a child. He established a deadly reputation inside by performing hits on drug dealers and attempting to stab five of his enemies in a single day.

Samson spent 37 years in prison. After coming out, he started telling his story online via videos, podcasts, and interviews. People loved the way Yammy B told the story of life and got motivated to get better. He had a tough life but he never gave up.

Is Yammy B Dead or Alive ?

Unfortunately, yes. Yammy B a.k.a Samson who was popular as YouTuber Yammy B TV is dead. He died in his sleep on Friday, November 11, 2022, at his home. Firstly, rumors about his passing started circulating on social media.

Later, the death of Yammy B was confirmed by his friend and YouTuber Shaun Attwood. You can take a look at the clip below:


What was the cause of Yammy B a.k.a Samson’s death?

The specific cause of Yammy B’s death is unknown at the time of writing. He died in his sleep this past Friday. People who were close to him have revealed that he had Flu. However, his condition wasn’t unstable.

No one expected him to die this soon after spending a tough life in prison. We are trying to find more information and more precise circumstances surrounding his death. More details will be available later.

Fans paying tribute to Yammy B Tv

Friends and fans are shocked by the sudden passing of Yammy B. People are mourning the loss of his death. Tributes have emerged on social media for the late tough man who never gave up.


The funeral arrangements for Yammy B a.k.a Samson are pending at this time alongside an obituary. Our heart goes out to the people who loved him.

May God let the departed soul rest in peace.