World of Warcraft ‘Dragonflight’ expansion may have leaked

An update has been seen on Blizzard’s website.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is now complete The expansion also experienced some bumps in the course. While the patch currently is actually pretty good, however, it took longer to reach the point at which many of the players who left for FFXIV as well as other competing MMOs could never return. This is unless the next expansion really is great. It’s possible that we’ve received our first glimpse.

Alexstrasza Warcraft Heroes Art

A new update on Blizzard’s site that was discovered on Reddit might have accidentally made public the next expansion, called “Dragonflight” in the source code. It’s in line with many public rumors of the game taking place on Azeroth’s enigmatic Dragon Isles. Dragon flights in Azeroth were given the power to guard all mortal races and protect the natural order. However, they have been pushed aside in recent years when factions of players grew in strength, and the in-fighting between various flights made it impossible for them to exist. A prior expansion called Cataclysm The black Dragonflight virtually eliminate Azeroth entirely under the leadership of the insane Deathwing.

Wow Dragonflight Source Code Leak

Although there aren’t many details available on the new expansion Shadowlands is the only expansion that didn’t have an entirely new race or new class. It’s logical it is likely that “Dragonflight” should see the introduction of a different race or even a new class, or perhaps both like we did during The Mists of Pandaria expansion. The reports that we’ve heard from suggesting that there could be the creation of a class based on Dragons possibly in the vein of the popular “Dragonsworn” theme from in-game lore.

Another leak on Reddit has also claimed to have seen posters and promotional artwork of the game though we’ve been unable to confirm the authenticity of the leak as of now. The art promo was revealed only two hours after the leak of the source code and the artwork does not appear to be found in any other places as of writing, which suggests that it’s actually fabricated using fan artwork. The art features a red dragon queen Alexstrasza along with the “Dragonflight” logo.

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Wow Dragonflight Posters

Blizzard is expected to unveil the new World of Warcraft expansion in its entirety on April 19, and these website changes may have been made to facilitate that. Of course, nothing escapes the internet’s notice, and in this case, it appears to have slipped past Blizzard and into the public domain.

Blizzard prioritized engagement padding over fun at Activision’s request, and WoW’s popularity has dipped in recent years. With Microsoft reportedly interested in acquiring Activision Blizzard, it’s anticipated that Microsoft’s shareholder culture, which prioritizes Azure, will allow WoW to reclaim its status as a game while also bringing it to Xbox, but only time will tell.