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Wordle users if you are looking for something new in the “Wordle” world and are trying to find suitable alternatives, then Wordle Unlimited is just the perfect option for you to explore.

Wordle Unlimited
Wordle Unlimited Games

If you’ve already mastered Wordle and are thinking there’s more to the hugely loved NY Times game, then Wordle Unlimited may be the best option for you. It’s the same old Wordle game, but with fewer twists.

The fundamental idea is straight forward If you’ve finished the game or found the latest Wordle answer, simply click on “Enter” to start new round. You can play this great game for as long as you like, but yes, this is an unofficial alternative to Wordle.

What is Wordle Unlimited? and What are its features ?

Like its name implies, Wordle Unlimited is just Wordle with no limitations or restrictions. One of the most notable features is that, when you’ve succeeded in completing (or failed) the word, a new one will appear at the same time as you press Enter, and you do not have to wait for the entire day.

Wordle Unlimited game page
Wordle Unlimited Page

Another unique feature is related to word length. You can change the letters of the word mystery between four letters and up to 11 in the menu Settings. We suggest you choose the five or six-word settings to have fun the most.

It is possible that this might obliterate the fundamental reason for Wordle’s popularity- because the whole world is competing for the same word. However, Wordle Unlimited can solve this problem by allowing you to create your own custom link which can be shared with anyone, siblings, friends, etc. and have fun and all while focusing on the same word.

Wordle Unlimited Twitter Users

You could even design a game that you can customize with your own set of words to play with your buddies to spend time when you’re getting bored. 

How Different Wordle Unlimited is from Wordle?

Wordle Unlimited works on the same principle similar to Wordle, which gives you six chances to guess the word, and each attempt will highlight the letters to provide an idea about whether they are in the correct positions. Green illustrates a correct letter in the right place, while yellow indicates a correct letter in the wrong spot.

Wordle Unlimited also features several key differences that distinguish it from the original version of Wordle. One of the most common difference is that you can keep playing this game day & night whether you loose or win. On the other side vanilla Wordle only allow you to pick a single word in a day.

Wordle also has an enormous community that attempts to guess one word per day, however Wordle Unlimited has no active user base behind it. Instead you can play with your family or any other person you’d like to play with using a personalized link with the same set of words.

Wordle Unlimited benefits

Wordle Unlimited also allows you to change the length of words using Settings. You can, for instance, choose to limit the number of words to four or five, six or even up to eleven characters. This feature isn’t present within the initial Wordle game.

You can also choose Your “level of Weirdness” on Wordle Unlimited, and get “hints” when you are stuck. These settings won’t be accessible on the original Wordle however.

How to Access Wordle Unlimited?

If you’ve ever played Wordle before, then Wordle Unlimited will be the blessing for you. In the beginning, you have to open any of the web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc, and then visit Wordle Unlimited website

You can play it as same way as you use to play Wordle. But before hitting the game click on the “gear” icon at the upper-right corner to change the settings which suits your preferences.

Wordle Unlimited settings
Wordle Unlimited Setting

In the game you will get six chances to make a right move after each move click on enter, Then if green light appears means your move was right & you are in correct direction but if yellow light lit that means your selection was wrong & then your chances of the day will get reduced until zero.

In the end of the game, exploring the correct word matters. If you liked the game then you can start playing it again which certainly would not be available in normal wordle game.

Can I Play Wordle Unlimited on My Mobile?

Yes, it is possible to play Wordle Unlimited on your Android mobile device or iPhone on the browser of your choice similar to the way you play games on your computer.

The Safari browser that comes with the iPhone lets users create the website up as a pseudo-app. By using this feature, you can download Wordle Unlimited on your iPhone (kind of). Go to the website in Safari and tag the “Share icon’, then select “Add” option on the “Add to Home screen” section.

List of Viral Alternative of Wordle

There are many alternative to Wordle like games because of it’s popularity & involvement of youth but we have also listed some of the alternatives for you to explore such names are:-

Among this list one game which is getting rapidly popular among youths nowadays. This is a great alternative of Wordle because of its great theme & great UI & you all have probably heard it or played it many times by the name of – Heardle. It’s a Wordle spin-off, but the aim in this game is to find out which song is getting played, not the word.

Heardle game oage
Heardle Game page

Heardle is a platform that makes people watch the intro of a track, which is a song taken from a collection of most streamed tracks in the past 10 years. After that, they must choose the song’s name correctly to win the contest for the day.

The players have six chances to make the right choice, similar to Wordle. First, they play one second from the song. The second one plays for two seconds, and the subsequent attempts play four seven, 11 and then 16 seconds of music. Heardle also provides assistance through auto-filling any songs you are typing.

Although just as the wordle game Heardle also have the limitation of one game per day. The website also stores your scores and allows you to upload them directly to your social media accounts to show off your achievements.

But now, with all the alternatives, nobody can stop you from playing your favourite games hassle-free – Heardle as well as Wordle Unlimited. Although you can play for hours on the latter one because of its unlimited feature & If you still got more games that need to explore, then let us know by using comment box & for more exciting & helpful content please Bookmarks our page. Thank you!!