Wollongong Boy, 12, Died After Stolen Car Crash; Death Linked to TikTok Trend Craze

New South Wales Police are investigating the death of a 12-year-old Wollongong boy and its link to the stolen Holden Barina car crash. The police are also trying to figure out if th incident is linked to TikTok’s crazy trend of stealing cars and making police chase them at high speeds.

The police are also appealing to possible witnesses to come out and share information about the series of events that took place on Tuesday, October 4, 2022.

Stolen Black Holden Barina Crashed into Traffic Light at Towradgi

A black Holden Barina car was stolen from a Koonawarra address on Saturday and it was found crashed in the early hours of Tuesday. Around 1:35 AM, NSW police were called to reports of the Holden Barina traveling north on Memorial Drive.

The vehicle was discovered crashed into a traffic control light at the intersection of Towradgi Road in Towradgi.

The police at a nearby station heard the crash and responded to the scene straight away. However, when the officers reached there, the occupants in the vehicle had already fled the scene.

A resident of the area told a local news outlet the bang was so loud and horrible. The police have established a crime scene in the area and started their investigation.

12-Year-Old Boy Wollongong Boy Found Injured; Pronounced Dead at Home

Emergency services responded to a call from a home in the suburb of Balgownie around 2 AM on October 4, 2022. They received reports of a 12-year-old boy being significantly injured and fighting for life.

Upon reaching there, the first responders transferred the boy to Wollongong Hospital. Unfortunately, he was pronounced shortly later.

The police received a callout about the death of the young boy around half an hour after the black Holden Barina’s crash. The injured boy was reportedly dropped by a silver car at his friend’s house in Balgownie.

NSW Police is Appealing to Witnesses to Come Forward

NSW Police is currently investigating the two incidents that took place in close proximity. They are trying to figure out a link between them.

Detective Acting Inspector Jason Hogan appealed for witnesses who may have seen a silver car drop the boy at the Balgownie address or information about the Barina crash at the Towradgi traffic light to come forward.

Anyone with the relevant information or dashcam footage can contact the Wollongong Police or Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000.

Is Wollongong Boy’s Death in Stolen Car Crash Linked to TikTok Trend?

The NSW Police are also investigating if the death of the 12-year-old Wollongong boy allegedly in the stolen car crash is linked to the crazy TikTok trend where teenagers steal cars and make police chase them.

TikTok ‘trend’ challenges people to steal cars

Officer Hogan is keen to speak to anyone with any social media content related to any of the incidents at the moment. He believes the tragedy could be linked to TikTok’s trend involving children, criminal activity, and cars.

The police are trying to search for the drivers of the Barina and the silver car that dropped the injured boy at a friend’s house on priority.

We’ll keep you updated with further developments on this story.