Will Smith admitted to rehab rumors explained?

The most recent Oscar winner has needed to seek out professional help to manage stress

Will Smith refused to leave the Oscars ceremony after attacking comedian Chris Rock, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences revealed on March 30.(AFP)

Following the assault on Chris Rock at this year’s Oscars, Will Smith will seek out expert advice in dealing with stress in a rehab clinic. The American actor made the main attraction on this year’s Academy Awards night when he punched the comedian after he joked about the shaved hairs of his spouse, Jada Pinkett Smith, who is suffering from Alopecia.

The event had such repercussions that, according to the British The Sun newspaper the artist is expected to spend an extended period in a rehabilitation facility. “The effect of the backlash has impacted Will severely, and Will will receive help in dealing with anxiety,” explained the newspaper.

Will Smith and Chris Rock at Oscars 2022

“It will be a top-level retreat”

“This is, without doubt, the most important battle in his career. It’s a top-of-the-line retreat for the rich and famous, and he’ll be conducting a lot of soul-searching and figuring on ways to get forward.” continued to tell’ The Sun’.

Will Smith hopes, according to the newspaper’s source to be back in time to save his career as well as his reputation. Remember that, following his apology to the public the actor has been ejected out of the Academy of Motion Picture Oscars in the wake of the assault.

“I am resigning my membership in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and accept any other actions that management determines to be acceptable,” Will Smith said in an announcement.

The awards organization has opened an administrative file against the actor in the case of “inappropriate bodily contact abusive or violent behavior, and for compromising the credibility that is the Academy.”

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Is Will Smith been canceled?

Will Smith may have won the Best Actor prize at the Oscar for his role in the film ‘King Richard”, but there’s scheduled to be a discussion on Friday with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to determine if the award should be taken away from him in the wake of the scandal which involved Chris Rock at the Oscars ceremony.

Actually, the last time the Academy was forced to cancel an award was more than 50 years ago, and the documentary ‘Young American’ was awarded an award in 1969 but was actually released in 1967. It’s worth keeping in your mind the fact that Will Smith has already resigned from the Academy.

One side effect of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock is that Netflix and Sony have stopped film productions of two that Chris Rock, the former ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ actress was filming the film ‘Fast and Loss and Bad Boys 4,’.

When asked about Will Smith, public relations specialist Mike Paul told The New York Times, “His brand is currently damaged goods internationally.” Will Smith may not appear in another picture for quite some time.