Why Mika Melatika YouTube Channel Terminated: People are now making money through digital media platforms among which YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms to make money. 

Many people lost their jobs and were unable to meet their basic needs during the covid 19 pandemic. 

We knew from the beginning that covid 19 and starvation were responsible for so many deaths. 

We are here to inform our viewers that Mika Melatika, a woman who created a YouTube channel during the entire world’s struggle against covid 19, is now a public figure. Here we brought you entire information related to Mika Melatika, a YouTuber who is the talk of town.

Why Was Mika Melatika YouTube Channel Get Closed?

Sources claim Mika created her YouTube account on July 13, 2021. Mika Melatika uploaded content that was not in compliance with YouTube guidelines. YouTube eventually terminated the account. It was completed on May 9, 2022. He was shocked to learn that YouTube had terminated his account. It is not necessary to live in illusion.

Who is Mika Melatika?

Why Mika Melatika YouTube Channel Terminated

Sources claim that Mike Melatika is much more popular because of her YouTube channel. Sources say that her YouTube channel has been closed for now, Because she broke You tube’s guidelines. 

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This is now the talk of town. Media and users know that the channel gained popularity quickly due to inappropriate content broadcast via her YouTube channel. The subscriber will feel sad after the channel is closed. They won’t be able to enjoy the content.

We are now shedding light on the truth. YouTube sent her a notice very early in the process, asking her to explain the cause of her content that was posted on her YouTube channel.

She did not respond to the notice even though she continued posting such content on her YouTube channels. 

YouTube ended Mike’s YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel had 150K subscribers. 

This is a remarkable number of subscribers. It’s a difficult task for people who have a well-known background, but she doesn’t have one. She wanted more subscribers for her YouTube channel, but now she won’t get any of it.