Who was Trent William Millsap? The Killer of NASCAR Star Bobby East Shot Dead by SWAT

The alleged suspect of late NASCAR star Bobby East’s killer, Trent William Millsap, has been shot dead by California SWAT police. The homeless man had been on parole before the shots were fired on Friday. Find out who was Trent William Millsap and why did he kill Bobby East.

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Millsap stabbed East in his chest at a 76 gas station in Westminster on Wednesday. The suspect then fled the scene before police arrived after receiving the reports. The victim was then identified as Bobby East, an American professional stock car racer.

A parole warrant was then issued on Millsap’s name after he was suspected of East’s assailant. He also had an outstanding warrant and a brief criminal record prior to stabbing Bobby East. The California SWAT police then encountered the homeless culprit, ultimately leading to his demise.

Who was Trent William Millsap?

Trent William Millsap, 27, was a homeless man on parole for armed robbery and had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for an unrelated parole violation. He was accused of fatally stabbing Bobby East, a popular NASCAR star, to death in California.

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The police were chasing him after he was identified as East’s assailant. The Westminster Police Department had earlier described a Millsap as a “transient and known to frequent Westminster, Garden Groce, and Anaheim motels.”

Millsap was being tracked down by the California police as they suspected him of stabbing another man at a gas station on Wednesday. The man was then identified as Bobby East, turning the incident into a high-profile case.

How did Trent William Millsap die?

Trent William Millsap was gunned down by the California SWAT police after being tracked into an apartment in Anaheim, California, on Friday. The standoff between Millsap and SWAT led to the East’s suspect being fatally shot down in the encounter.

“During the service of the warrant, the West County SWAT Team encountered Milsap. He became confrontational with officers and a police K-9 was deployed. Subsequently, an officer-involved shooting occurred,” said the Westminster Police Department.

A police K-9 also sustained a non-life threatening gunshot wound during the confrontation. He was transported to a veterinary hospital for treatment and later released.

“At the time of the officer-involved shooting, Milsap was on parole for armed robbery and had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for an unrelated parole violation,” the official statement stated.

The Police Department is investigating the officer-involved shooting. Whereas, The Orange County District Attorney’s office and the Department of Justice will also be investigating the shooting as per the officials.

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Millsap’s sister, Rosa, announced her brother’s death on Facebook with his pictures. “It’s with a heavy heart I make this post, my brother passed away last night, it hasn’t hit me yet that he is gone. Please send your thoughts as we prepare for this hard journey. I love you so much Bro,” wrote Rosa Yolanda Millsap.

Although it’s unsure if she knew about the circumstances around his death.

Who was Bobby East a.k.a Robert John East?

Robert John East, more commonly known as Bobby East was an American professional stock car racing driver. He was born on December 17, 1984, in Torrance, California. East raced in USAC, ARCA, and NASCAR. He was also a member of Ford’s driver development program during his career in the latter two.

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The USAC said that East was an “immediate success” in his career. “His first career triumph with the USAC National Midgets in 2001 at Schererville, Indiana’s Illiana Motor Speedway made Bobby the youngest USAC National feature winner ever at the time, at the age of 16,” the statement said.

“His three winning performances in 2001 made him the winningest USAC National Midget Rookie in more than a quarter century. Ultimately, he was rewarded as the series’ Rookie of the Year.”

East was a three-time USAC national champion driver, and he earned the last of his 48 USAC national victories in 2013.

How did Bobby East Die? What was the cause of death?

Bobby East died after he was fatally stabbed in the chest at a 76 gas station in Southern California on Wednesday, last week. He was found East on the ground with a “serious stab wound to the chest area”

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When the police arrived at the crime scene, they tried potential life-saving measures and the NASCAR star was transported to a local hospital. However, the 37-year-old racer was declared dead as he succumbed to his injuries.

“Officers attempted life-saving measures until OCFA paramedics arrived and transported the victim to a local trauma center, where the victim succumbed to his injury,” said the Westminster Police Department.

“NASCAR is saddened to learn of the tragic death of Bobby East. We extend our deepest and heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Bobby, a true racer,” NASCAR said in an official statement following East’s death.

Trent William Millsap was identified as Bobby East’s killer who stabbed him in the chest at the gas station.

Why did Trent William Millsap kill Bobby East?

Bobby East was fatally stabbed in the chest by Trent William Millsap at a gas station last week reportedly in a robbery attempt. Millsap then fled the area after the stabbing before the police arrived.

Westminster Police had warned that the suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. The attack on East was being investigated as police were trying to track down Millsap. He was then found in an apartment before the confrontation took an offensive turn.

It’s still unknown what was Millsap’s motive behind stabbing East. The exact cause of the killing is unknown. Social media users are speculating if it was merely because of robbery or if a bigger reason is behind it. The investigation is on track for the killing and shooting now.

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  1. Homeless men and women approach me almost constantly at gas stations when I’m pumping gas. I’m not an easy target for them, and almost always refuse to pay them to leave me alone. On occasion some of them have been very determined to force me to give them money and I can see this becoming a more serious problem as the economy spirals downward.

    • I lived in Orange county in the 80’s and 90’s and commuted between LA/OC. Yes people would always approach at gas stations, and it was a time when more cash was available. I would recognize the same ones from the week before. However, then they seemed more like scam artists. They weren’t the violent psychos I see today everywhere. I never gave to them, because, I new they were lying. My dad used to think that they were down on their luck and told me to help them, however one day he says “I offered two men/beggars to buy them a sandwich today and they both told me to blank off they asked for cash instead.”

  2. It’s a shame that Bobby East was killed, during the commission of a crime committed by Trent William Millsap. Hopefully the officer that shot Trent William Millsap will not have to undergo the same persecution that other officers went through, that were doing their jobs. Deaths are unnecessary a lot of times and mostly originate from really stupid decisions. If there is a positive side of this, it is that luckily the people involved were “white men”. (I am a “white man” so it is proper for me to say “white man”. Or is it only proper to say “black people” or “yellow people” or “red people”?). At least there should not be any protests or riots giving people the excuse to break into businesses and homes to steal things they don’t own and destroy property that doesn’t belong to them. Since obviously this doesn’t have anything to do with politics, hopefully none of the political figures will use this as a “pedestal” to jump up on to show how important they are, or use this to blame another politician or start a movement to erect a statue for another criminal. I didn’t know Bobby East, but it’s always a shame when someone dies needlessly.

  3. One more f-ing bum off the streets unfornetly at the expense of a good guy! Way to go California keep letting them out on parole or not locking them up in the first place Pretty Sad!

  4. Millsap was a criminal! He died as he should. Sorry we lost Bobby. The world was better with him in it. Can’t say the same for his killer.

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