Who Was Tetsuya Yamagami? Why did he killed shinzo abe

According to reports, Tetsuya Yamagami has been taken into custody on suspicion of attempting to murder Shinzo Abe, formerly the Prime Minister of Japan. Learn more about the assailant who shot former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

 The former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, was killed by a headshot on the morning of July 8, 2022, in the city of Nara, while he was giving a speech as part of the campaign for the upcoming parliamentary election. According to reports, the police have detained the 41-year-old man as the primary suspect in connection with the shooting of Shinzo Abe. The man has been identified as Tetsuya Yamagami, a resident of Nara city, where Abe was delivering his speech, according to the reports published in the regional media. The local media have also reported that the suspect used a shotgun and now charged him with attempted murder. It is speculated that Tetsuya Yamagami self-made the rifle.

Tetsuya Yamagami arrest

Tetsuya Yamagami was taken into custody on the suspicion that he attempted to assassinate Shinzo Abe, who previously served as Prime Minister of Japan. According to the reports in the media, this suspicion led to his arrest. He was handed over to the officers at the Nara Nishi Police Station. After further investigation, the police also took away his handgun, which turned out to be a homemade weapon.

Why did he shot Shinzo abe

According to the reports from the police station, Yamagami stated that he shot former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe because he was unhappy with him. This information comes from the media. According to reports from Japan’s NHK news agency, officers at the police stations are currently listening to his statement.