Who was SUSAN JACKS and what was her cause of death? Canadian singer-songwriter passed away at the age of 73

Who was SUSAN JACKS and what was her cause of death? 73-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter: Susan Jacks, a Canadian vocalist, died at the age of 73. She was well-known as a member of the British Columbia Entertainment Hall of Fame. Her death was only announced on the internet a short time ago. Furthermore, several news organizations have yet to report on this topic. However, we conducted a thorough investigation into the matter and generated this post with a lot of key information. You can learn about her cause of death, age, husband, and net worth in the details of this column shown below. It is recommended that you read it all the way to the end and pay attention to every section that provides key info on Susan Jacks’s death.

Susan Jacks

Who was Susan Jacks?

She was a well-known Canadian singer, songwriter, and lyricist. When she was cast as a regular performer on the national Canadian television series Music Hop, she began her professional career. When Susan Jacks joined Music Hop, she was only 15 years old. In addition, on June 27, 2010, she was honored in the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame. Her debut album, which was released in 1976 but went out of print for unclear reasons, was released in 2015. Please continue reading to learn about her cause of death in the following section.

Susan’s Cause of Death

The Canadian singer was hospitalized in 2016, and she was later diagnosed with a life-threatening kidney illness. She had, however, gotten a kidney transplant and had recovered from the condition. According to reports, she was treated by doctors at Surrey Memorial Hospital for several days before passing away. The singer’s official medical report is still pending. Her death, however, was almost certainly caused by her long-term kidney condition.

Susan Jacks’s cause of death is unknown.

At the age of 73, the late Canadian singer passed away. Ted Dushinski, her husband, was her life partner. Ted is a member of the Canadian Football League. Ted and Susan were married in 1980. Susan Jacks and her husband are the proud parents of a kid named Thad. She moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in 1983. If we look at her net worth, we can see that she had a luxury life and had a net worth of one million dollars when she died. For further information, keep an eye on this page.