WHO WAS MONEY GANG VONTAE? LA Drill rapper shot and killed in New York

The tragic death of drill rapper Money Gang Vontae, who was shot and killed in New York, comes as no surprise.

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According to The New York Post, he was gunned down on June 9 at about 3.45 p.m. in The Bronx after being chased directly into a pharmacy by a group of males who wanted to rob his gold chain. The men were unsuccessful in their attempt to steal his chain.

The horrific clip captures the exact moment that the rapper was shot multiple times in the chest inside Amazing Pharmacy on East Tremont Avenue. He was taken in an ambulance to the nearest hospital, which is where he tragically passed away as a result of the accidents.

The culprits are said to have taken his chain as well as his money before making their getaway, as reported by The New York Post. As this article is being written, there have been no arrests made.

Who exactly was Vontae Money Gang? Continue reading to find out everything there is to know about the next rapper…

Who exactly was Vontae Money Gang?

Drill rapper Avanti Frowner, 27, was originally from Chicago but currently resided in Los Angeles.

His stage name, Money Gang Vontae, is more widely known, and a press release from Renegade Promotions in the year 2020 defines him as a “lyrical artist that raps and speaks about things he has genuinely been through.”

Reportedly, he began making music when he was still in high school and was encouraged by his older brother and cousin to turn his love into a career.

On Instagram, you can get to know the rapper.

The rapper had shared “a photograph” in New York just two days before the tragic event that led to his death.

On the other hand, Los Angeles was normally his place of residence.

It is commonly known that he has a son named Kobe who has recently started first grade.

Instagram was frequently used by the rapper for the promotion of his newest tracks.

After some time has passed, here is his son Kobe.

Money Gang Vontae, rest in peace!

The rap star’s dad gives his thoughts.

Money The murderers of Gang Vontae were told by Gang Vontae’s father to tell The New York Post that they “made a mistake” and “done the dumbest thing they could ever do in life.”

“I pray that God will make them pay for everything they’ve done. They have no business being out in public at all, not now, not ever! He proceeded on before using the word “treasonous” to describe them.

Roger Frowner also stated that he was unaware that his son was in New York and that he only discovered that his son had been murdered when his brother told him about it.

“I no longer have a son. Because he is in another state, I am unable to assist you. So that you are aware, there is a gaping hole in my heart,” he suddenly remarked.