Who Was Merciless ? What was cause of his death ?

Leonard Bartley, better known by his stage name Merciless, passed away on July 19 at 51. Merciless was a reggae and dancehall artist. On Walkers Avenue in St. Andrew, close to Lyndhurst Road, the body of Bartley was found in the hotel that is called the Harlem Resort.

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After not hearing from Bartley for a considerable time, his friends and family went to the hotel to check on him and see how he was doing. According to the sources we spoke with, his body was discovered on the bed in his room, fully dressed. There are no indications of any wrongdoing, as stated by the authorities in charge of law enforcement. Nevertheless, a comprehensive inquiry is currently in progress.

Who was this Merciless ?

Bartley, born on July 1, 1971, shot to prominence in the dancehall scene in 1994. His first single, “Len Out Mi Mercy,” was released in the 1990s, followed by Mr. Merciless’s album. He went on to have a successful career.

In addition, he released several other singles, such as “Mama Cooking,” “Gala Gizada,” “Ole Gallis,” “God Alone,” and “Mavis,” all of which contributed to his rise to fame. After that, he collaborated on recordings with artists such as Lil John, C-Murder, Aaron Hall, Tall Pree, Rita Marley, and Yami Bolo.

During Sting 2000, he engaged Ninjaman, Beenie Man, and Bounty Killa in a lyrical fight, which he ultimately won by besting the three competitors. The battle occurred at the Jam world Entertainment Complex in Portmore, St. Catherine, and it is still considered one of the most famous confrontations in the annals of dancehall history.

Bartley was a musician who influenced many other artists, including Shabba Ranks, Dennis Brown, Super Cat, and Bob Marley, among others.

When Bartley was asked about the possibility of putting out a new album with 12 tracks, he told the tabloid The Star that he was simultaneously putting on a mixtape of dancehall music and an album collection of 10 tracks of gospel music. In June of 2021, he announced that he would soon be releasing an album titled Warhead Is Back.

How did he die, and what was the cause for his Death?

Bartley’s body was discovered in the room of the hotel at which he had been a frequent guest whenever he was in Kingston. The artist’s driver disclosed that after the musician returned to the hotel on Monday night, the driver did not hear anything from the musician.

When the personnel from the hotel and the driver entered Bartley’s room, they discovered him lying on the bed with his face tucked under the blankets. Several accounts said that he was severely drunk right before he passed away.

Tribute to merciless death

Social media is filled with tribute to merciless death