Who Was Harvey Cook? How did he die?

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Harvey Cook loved Haas F1 staff. Harvey passed away on Thursday, October 20, 2022. He was just 31 years old young man who fought a battle with his medical conditions.

Who was Harvey Cook? How did he die? In this blog post will explore more on these questions and provide some answers.

Who Was Harvey Cook? Story Behind a Fighter

Harvey Cook was one of the most famous and important Persons in the F1 Track. He used to be a garage mechanic for the F1 cars and also a jolly one. He got applause and love from everyone for his work as a mechanic. Not only these, but he also got the transition to the factory position on the F1 track itself. That is where he became more famous.

Death Of Harvey Cook

On October 20, 2022, he passed away due to his suffering from Cancer. He might be a perfect fighter on the track, and in his work, but couldn’t manage the same in his own life. He was diagnosed with cancer during his working period at the F1 track. He was also a former truck driver, but from there with his hard work and passion, he did everything to become the Haas F1 Track assistant. It is true that he was suffering from Cancer for a long time, but still, he never let anyone understand that during his assistance on the track. Though much is not even possible to know about his death as of now. But it is quite possible that his fight of him against cancer came to an end, and he left his family, friends, and everyone else.

Tributes to Harvey Cook

It is true that a person who managed a lot of struggles in his life and become so lovable will be remembered for a long time. Not only that but his death will really create a great void in the track and the story of the track. No one will be able to see his smiling face during any next F1 Races beside the track, waiting for the next car that will require assistance.


This is completely on his family, and they are going to decide about his last moments. They haven’t announced anything yet about his funeral. It is quite expected that his team members will go over there for his last moments to pray for his peace.


  1. Who Was Harvey Cook?

Harvey Cook Was an Assistant on the track for the Haas F1 team. Before that, he used to be a garage mechanic, and long back he worked as a truck driver.

2. How and When Did He Die?

He was suffering from cancer for a long time, and he died on October 20, 2022.

3. What are The Tributes he Is getting?

He is getting a lot of tributes online and on social media from his friends, family, and even his F1 team members as well.