Who was Ernesto Carralero? Rapper ‘OhTrapstar’ Dies In A Car Accident

Who was Ernesto Carralero

Who was Ernesto Carralero?

Ernesto Enrique Carralero Famously known as OhTrapstar) was travelling with two passengers in a car when he lost control and slammed into a Miami duplex. The truck struck with the building, overturning and igniting the fire. According to officials, three persons have been slain. Ernesto Carralero, a rapper, was 23 years old at the time. Ernesto Carralero and Bayle Bucceri (both 23 years old) and Candido Miguel Barrroso-Nodarse were identified as the three (22)

How this accident Happened?

The reason of the accident is still being investigated. The automobile may have been speeding, according to Michael Vega, a spokesperson for the Miami Police Department.

According to Vega, speed had a role in the incident. In the inquiry, he is still too young. However, we are investigating him to see if he was involved in the disaster.

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Ernesto Carralero Life

Ernesto Carralero has over 114,000 Instagram followers and was a rising rapper. His most famous song is “Choppa,” which has over 10 million views on YouTube.

Ernesto Carralero’s brother established a GoFundMe account to cover funeral expenses.

As of Friday morning, it had raised more than $5,600. “None of this feels true to me as Ernesto Carralero’s biological brother, and writing this feels wrong.”

Three precious souls have been taken away from our and other family members engaged in this awful tragedy,” Ernesto Carralero said on Facebook.

Lil Ominous, a friend and rapper, paid homage to Ernesto Carralero on Instagram after his terrible passing. “I admire your little brother,” the narrator remarked. “Sorry, I couldn’t make it for you,” he wrote

. He was upset because he was in a poor mood. You are not a candidate for this therapy. As kids, we taught you how to rap and play basketball. I shall miss you, as you are a great friend.

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