Who was Dj Kay Slay and what was his cause of death? Legendary New York City DJ dead at 55

Who was Dj Kay Slay and what was his cause of death? legendary New York City DJ died at the age of 55. Kay Slay, a well-known American DJ, died on Sunday at the age of 55. Yes, you read that right it is now the saddest news in today’s headlines. In the DJ community, he was one of the most well-known and well-established figures. The news of his passing has severely upset all of his fans. His admirers and family members are all in mourning. Many people, including his supporters, were shocked to learn of his death. Many of his admirers are interested in learning more about the DJ and are searching for him online.

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Dj Kay Slay

Who was Dj Kay Slay?

According to sources, the New York-based record executive died on Easter Sunday. Van Silk, a hip-hop promoter, broke the news of his demise. He died mere months after being brought to the hospital with Covid in December. In a statement to DX, Van Silk offered an impassioned tribute to DJ Slay, describing him as his “beloved brother.” According to him, Hip Hop has lost a true jewel. “I’ve known him since he was 16 years old,” he added. He was my younger sibling.”

Dj Kay Slay Cause of Death

When it comes to DJ Kay Slay, was an American disc jockey (DJ) and record executive who was also known as Keith Grayson. He was born on August 14, 1966, in New York City, United States. He’s been dubbed “the hip hop one-man ministry of insults” by The New York Times. The Streetsweeper, Vol. 1, The Streetsweeper, Vol. 2, More Than Just a DJ, and The Champions: North Meets South are among his four studio albums. He was a well-known graffiti artist who was included in the hip-hop documentary Style War in 1983.

What happened to Dj Kay Slay how did he die?

He also released a number of tracks, including Who Gives A Fuck Where You From, Block Stars, Too Much For Me, Thug Luv, Not Your Average Joe, The Kings of the Streets, Keep Calm, Don’t Do It, and a number of others. Sign of the Times, The Month of the Bad Guy, The Return of the God, Block stars, and The Gold Is Back are just a few of the mixtapes he’s released. There are currently no additional details about him on the internet. He was a very private person, and he kept her personal details, such as his wife and children, to himself. He died on April 17, 2022, at the age of 55. We pray that God would give his family and friends strength. May his soul be at ease.