Who was Cris Albert dead? What was the cause of his death and obituary, Cris Albert Accident

Who was Cris Albert dead? What was the cause of his death? Chris Albert has gotten a lot of attention on the internet. The death of Cris Albert has become the topic of a lot of speculation. Cris Albert, as per the source was an accomplished businesswoman who died in a crash. Her sudden death has led to many theories. According to reports, it is believed that she passed Away in a hotel with no name. There have been accounts of an unidentified woman’s demise according to reports. The body was discovered at the parking lot that was part of one of the event’s participant buildings.

Fila Philippines CEO Cris Albert dies

who was Cris Albert?

Cris Albert’s identity remains a mystery According to the information on her LinkedIn profile. However, she was the chief executive officer and the president of FILA Singapore. Chris Albert has built an excellent reputation as the chief executive officer of FILA an important sports-related brand. She’s very keen to work in the world of fashion. She has been influenced by the fashion industry since the time she was a kid. Growing up, she saw her gorgeous mother, she was envious of her beauty and how she wore herself. Wanda Louwallien, a former show choreographer and supermodel was a major impact on her.

She has plenty of experience in the field of product development and administration. Her prior employment background is not known. But, she has been working for Fila for around 27 years. This is among the major reasons FILA is an enviable brand across the globe. Cris Albert, the President, and CEO of iSport Life is the company’s sole distributor. In the Philippines, she has a master’s certificate for the Italian popular brand FILA.

She also obtained a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and was the founder of MA Holdings Inc. She started working at Fila as an executive in the field of marketing in the year 1992. Cris Albert serves as the CEO and President of Fila Philippines, Isport Life Inc. as well as Athlete’s Gym and Dive. She’s always dreamed of starting her own business and her determination and perseverance have helped her to become one of the top female business owners.