Who Is Tya Posley? Florida Woman Arrested For Slaps 1-Year-Old Video Goes Viral On Social Media

Tya Posley Video Florida Woman Slaps a 1-year-old is arrested. One woman in Florida was arrested in connection with a case of child abuse. The irony is that the child was her own. According to media reports, the woman who was arrested was identified by the name of Tya Posley. Tya Posley hailed from Florida and was detained for allegedly abusing her daughter, who is one year old. The arrest came following the discovery of the viral video of Tya Posley. The detained woman is seen beating and abusing her daughter. Then, the video went viral on social media and began spreading like wildfire. After the news was announced on social media, people searched for inside information concerning the matter. So, we’ve put together this article to help you to read. In this article, you’ll find out Tya Posley’s age and her charges? Keep reading and read the rest of this story.

Tya Posley video: Florida woman slaps 1 year old, arrested by Sanford  police on grounds of child abuse

Tya Posley Video Leaked on Twitter

A troubling video has been making the rounds on social media. Millions of people have seen it to date. The matter was so raging across the web that this video was able to make it to Police officials. When they learned of the video, the police immediately took stern action. They began to take action to arrest Tya Posley over her alleged crimes. The news of her arrest broke to light on Tuesday. According to reports, police from the Sanford Police department took strict action against Tya Posley Tuesday morning. Who uploaded this video to social media? To find out, check out the following section.


Tya Posley Arrested Over Slaps 1 Year Old

The story has reported that the video was uploaded to Instagram by Tya Posley. In the video, she is heard telling her daughter of hers, “your father wants to post shit wrong, and he’s planning to post rubbish and not respond to calls. In addition, she slapped her daughter and then said, “I am disgusted with your behavior.” When they came across the video, police officers went to Tya Posley’s house to assess her health. However, they didn’t see any injuries on the child, and they identified the person who was the abuser of the child in the video and detained her.

The woman who was arrested is being investigated for child abuse. She was detained in the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department. She was later released on the condition of a $2000 bail. Furthermore, Tya Posley is scheduled to appear in court on June 7, 2022. The girl is under the care of Child Protective Services (CPS). We will update the information as soon as we get it