Who is Robert Bobby Crimo III, the July 4th shooting suspect taken into custody?

The Highland Illinois Police Department has taken Robert “Bobby” Crimo III into custody as a person of interest in connection with the shootings at the Highland Park parade earlier today, July 4, 2022. These shootings took place on the 4th of July, and the incident resulted in the deaths of at least six people and injuries to approximately 36 others.he was only 22 year old . Continue reading to learn more about the young man responsible for this massacre.

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Who exactly is the third Robert Bobby Crimo?

The 22-year-old Robert “Bobby” Crimo III is the son of Bob Crimo, the president of Bob’s Pantry & Deli, located in the same neighbourhood of Highland Park as his father. A post on Facebook gives the impression that Bob once ran for president in 2020. In addition, Robert is an aspiring rapper who has uploaded disturbing videos to his channel on YouTube. One of these videos is a crude animation that depicts a gunman being shot and killed by police.

Robert sends messages under the alias “Awake the Rapper,” and the subject matter of these messages is very unsettling. In terms of the music he creates, the lyrics have a connotation that is aggressive and suggestive. One of his raps, for example, goes something like this: “Like a sleepwalker, I am unable to stop and think.” I don’t need to think about it because my actions will be brave. I am aware of what needs to be done, and I am aware of the benefits for myself and others.

He continues to rap, saying, “There is no past or future; there is only the now.” It is much more esoteric than I could ever have conceived. I can sense the environment pulling me closer to it. It’s impossible to stop; it’s like a wave pulling me under; I can’t breathe without it.

Last year, in addition to posting videos on his blog that contained graphic depictions of violence and fantasies of mass shootings, Robert “Bobby” Crimo also posted a video of Central Avenue in Highland Park, which was the primary street that the parade route followed.

The Deadly Assault Committed On July 4…

On social media, Robert was known by the name Awake the Rapper; he was taken into custody approximately seven hours after a sniper attack that resulted in six people’s deaths and dozens more injuries. He is considered a person of interest in the fatal attack on a July 4th in the Chicago area, which resulted in the deaths of six people and injuries to 38 others.

At approximately ten in the morning, it was reported that a shooter fired shots into the crowd from a rooftop. A firearm was also found at the scene and recovered by the authorities. On the other hand, a television news video showed a silver Honda Fit with open doors, which the authorities claimed Crimo was driving. The Fit was reportedly stopped at an intersection. The police had stated that there was a good chance Crimo was armed and dangerous.

He fits the profile of the shooter who is responsible for this deadly attack, so he was likely the one who carried it out. The authorities have every reason to believe that Robert is responsible for the attack due to the facial tattoos and the multiple videos containing images of violence. After his arrest, the spokesman for the Ake County Major Crime Task Force, Christopher Covell, revealed the following:

“It is believed that this particular person was the one who was responsible for what took place.” Investigators were able to track down Crimo thanks, according to Covelli, to a “significant amount of digital evidence.” After spending a significant amount of time looking for Robert on Monday (July 4), law enforcement was finally able to apprehend him shortly before 7 p.m. local time, after a brief pursuit that ended approximately five miles away from the shooting scene. There was no mention of any charges made.

“the subject was taken into custody without incident,” said Highland Park police Chief Lou Jogmen. “This doesn’t necessarily mean that this is over but we are certainly encouraged that we have a person of interest,” said the North Chicago police officer who spotted and briefly pursued Crimo in nearby Lake Forest.

The United States of America has turned the occurrence of mass shootings into a weekly ritual. Instead of addressing the serious problem, the United States government appears more interested in restricting women’s reproductive rights, something they have already done. Regarding Robert, he has been taken into custody and is currently being questioned by authorities. The plot thickens before our eyes.