Who Is Michael Xavier? Bria Murphy Husband On Instagram

Bria Murphy, the daughter of Eddie Murphy just got married to Michael Xavier. This is the man with whom she has been in a long-term relationship.

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It is believed that they got engaged in December 2021, and were married nine months later, on June 9th in 2022 in Beverly Hills. In a low-key ceremony, which took place in the afternoon, the happy couple exchanged their vows to each other in front of 250 close friends and family members. Her mother Nicole and her father, Xavier, were both present during the Bria-Xavier wedding.

Even though Bria & Micahel haven’t published any wedding photos, both have posted short videos from the day to their respective Instagram Stories. It has given their followers a peek into their special day.

Who is Michael Xavier, Bria Murphy’s husband

Michael Xavier, a well known Canadian actor, was raised in Ottawa. 1985 was the year he was born. After finishing his high school education, Humber College offered him an acting course.

After playing a recurring character on the sitcom Bitten (which aired on Space Channel) and the lead role in Deadly Inferno’s film Deadly Inferno. Xavier became a household name.

Additionally, he was part of the cast for the romantic comedy “A Swingers Weekend”, which was released in 2017. The actor, 37, has also been a part of a variety of television and film shows, including Shazam! and Private Eyes.

Bria Murphy posted photos on social media of Michael and her engagement in December 2021. Although no one knows the origins of their relationship or how they met, they are now engaged. Both men frequently make reference to one another in the numerous social media accounts they have.

What’s Michael Xavier’s age?

Michael is 37 at this moment. He was brought up in Ottawa by his parents, which is located in Canada. However, he moved to the United States to further his career.

This was the time he met his future wife. He received his degree from Humber College, Ottawa. There he also completed secondary education. His family has always supported his goals in acting and they are very happy for him.

In his later years, he tried to make it in the entertainment business and was successful in landing parts in several well-known television shows.

Net worth of michael

Michael now has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Michael has a net worth of around $2 million per year, most of it from acting.

According to his Instagram profile, it would seem that the actor is living the high-life. This is his Instagram account, @yomikkeyx. He is followed by 25,2K people on Instagram.

His eye for fashion is evident. He posts photos that are pleasing to the eyes in almost all cases. His Instagram account shows that he also enjoys poetry.

He regularly posts pictures of himself on social media with his wife and never misses an occasion to show her how much and how much he cherishes her.